Chapter 44: Waterflora

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Erika materialized in Murph Village and reunited with Vivi. Before heading out, she dropped by Jeff's farm to check for new quests.

As the RPG veteran's intuition suggested, Jeff's request to hunt Windfloras was renewed on daily basis; it was a "Daily Quest". Such quests gave the player something to do when they couldn't find a better way to spend their time, but the quests had little purpose otherwise.

Erika accepted the quest, but she had no intention to start working on it right away. It didn't seem likely that the quest was going to chain into another quest later on, hence there was no urgency to complete it.

"Time to leave the village, Vivi."

"Hmph. Like, we spent so much time here that it's a miracle we didn't turn into fossils by now."

They made their way toward the southern exit of the village, which led toward Zelin City. The southern road resembled the previous path Erika traveled, as it was also sandwiched between a forest and a lake. Though, this time, the forest had a different name: Anukis Forest.

Bloodthirsty Windfloras quietly awaited their preys along the forest's entrance. Jeff asked Erika to hunt these monsters, but she had nothing of worth to earn from doing so at the moment.

Instead, Erika's interest was stolen by a new type of mob.


It was a big, blue sunflower, with a striking resemblance to a Windflora. In fact, they were so similar that the Waterflora looked like a cheap recolor of the Windflora. The biggest difference was the Waterflora's semi-transparent body, which created the illusion of being made from water.

Silveria's second quest demanded Erika to collect Waterflora Seeds, in exchange for another opportunity to feed adorable baby chicks. It was an extremely important quest, on par with saving the universe; Erika had to finish it ASAP.

She drew out her Silver Knife and creeped toward the new foe. If the Waterflora was truly nothing more than a reskin of the Windflora, then it was fated to be felled by Erika's trusty knife. Still, she played it safe and avoided rushing at the opponent head on.

So it begins. Let's see how it shoots.

The Waterflora twitched in response to Erika's approach. The Windflora turned its head toward Erika and took aim. So far, the foe's mannerism were in line with the average, run-of-the-mill Windflora.

Is it going to throw bags of Water at me?

The Waterflora's big head was like an aquarium with small stones in it. Hence, Erika could only imagine the flower attacking by shooting water in one way or another.

In the next instant, her assumption was proven wrong.


A rock slammed her arm. It was so fast that she didn't even see it coming. Instead of using water, the Waterflora fired rocks from within its liquid head.


Erika arms quickly reacted and braced for an attack, but the bullet was too small to block. It struck Erika's abdomen and made her crouch in pain..


Erika tried to deflect another shot, but it struck her leg. The attacks weren't nearly as powerful as the Windflora's blasts, but they were much faster, harder to block and delivered more focused damage.

Curses, I can't do anything until I get closer! But how to do it safely...? Maybe I should just rush at it?

Her legs began to move while she was still pondering. Somewhere deep in her mind, she already accepted that she wanted to charge forward and to see what followed. The Combat Aid simply give her the necessary push.

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