This is a CATastrophy! (Black Butler x Reader) by SlytherinGurl66
This is a CATastrophy! (Black SlytherinGirl
When you find a box of kittens on the sidewalk, you decide to take them in. When you do, your life become much more interesting in good, bad, and romantic ways...
  • ronald
  • ốc
  • claude
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Our Kittens by luckykuroneko
Our Kittensby bl.ackcat
What happens when the girls turn into kittens? Who will be their owners? Will love bloom? Well duh! I mean come on! Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Rowen, and Miraxus.
  • gajeel
  • rowen
  • gray
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The Bad-boy's leather jacket by Purple_Sky15
The Bad-boy's leather jacketby Purple_sky15
It all started with a dare. A dare that if caught, death could have been penalty. What was the dare? Simple, steal the Bad-boy's leather jacket. It led to the bad-boy's...
  • football
  • nerds-rule
  • purple
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Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the Hearts Series  by sajmra
Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in...
  • dalia
  • guiltyuntilproveninnocent
  • painting
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Be obscene and not heard by SoulOfOblivion
Be obscene and not heardby Becky
wow, second new story today and chapters to upload with it. I am on point today. Regardless, this story is definitely smut heavy, fluff scattered about and ever...
  • sluts
  • ageplay
  • slavexmaster
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Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader by sneekypanda22
Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x readerby Emily :)
When Y/n was 6 years old, her father decided to build her a tree house. Ten years later, Y/N decided to go back to her tree house. Opening the trap door, she hears a sma...
  • random
  • romance
  • nekox
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Warrior cats x reader by -_norway_-
Warrior cats x readerby iamseacretlyallama
I do not own warriors or the pictures I don't do OC's but requests are welcome
  • jayfeather
  • warriorcatsoneshots
  • kits
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The Masked Girl (Naruto Story) by Bloody_Moon
The Masked Girl (Naruto Story)by Kuro Neko
Meet Kumiko Neko, a somewhat smart yet strange eleven year old girl. She remembers absolutely nothing from when she was seven or younger, and wears a cat mask that her p...
  • blue
  • kumiko
  • moon
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Akatsuki Kittens by Anime-Skittles
Akatsuki Kittensby Anime Skittles [On Hiatus]
The Akatsuki: A well-known, notorious gang of outlaws in the shinobi world. They're fierce, vicious, deadly, lethal, and definitely NOT cute. But what happens when they'...
  • sasori
  • akatsuki
  • anime
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Kitten reader x the septic egos (  sort of gt ) by 21lspring
Kitten reader x the septic egos ( Gracie_is_ everything
Y/n finds themselves in a sticky situation and ends up running from a powerful demon called Darkiplier. He turns them into a gray kitten with E/c eyes and is fluffy and...
  • jackieboyman
  • kittens
  • antisepticeye
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Naruto i found 14 kittens?! by Nanami-sakamaki
Naruto i found 14 kittens?!by Nanami
Siera wilder is a teenage girl who lives with an abusive older brother. She has no friends at school and is always quiet. One day when she's running home from school in...
  • akatsuki
  • kittens
  • modern
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Mommy's And Daddy's Triplets by helloitsdiapergirl
Mommy's And Daddy's Tripletsby helloitsdiapergirl
"Your mine and daddy's baby girls" mommy said "Yes mama" I said "Yes momma" ally said "Yes mommy" aria said "Good girls...
  • mommydom
  • ddlg
  • kittens
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S M I L E    ☻   warriors short story ✓ by Birboon
S M I L E ☻ warriors short b i r d i e
ʿ smiley just wants to help. he know's they'll be happier, when they're dead﹒ʾ ━━━━━♔━━━━━ ↳ in which a cat, the victim of his own mind...
  • kittens
  • warriorcatsshortstory
  • warrior
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Rainbow Fireworks (Akatsuki Kittens) by Mistress_Mitsukai
Rainbow Fireworks (Akatsuki Mitsukai the Dreamer
Suffering from loneliness ever since the untimely death of her parents, Kaiya Hoshiyume struggles to find company, aside from her two brothers and adopted sister, as wel...
  • obito
  • fireworks
  • naruto
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Demi Lovato: Lesbian Smut One Shots by itsraininggays
Demi Lovato: Lesbian Smut One Shotsby useless lesbian
sooo this is probably my first fanfic EVER but yeah i wanted to write some Demi smut one shots so even if you hate it please don't kill me in the comments. *whispers fr...
  • demilovato
  • fanfiction
  • lauremi
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(Black Butler) Ciel's Sister - I'll stay with you forever by Sundae2810
(Black Butler) Ciel's Sister - I' Sundae~senpai
Katherine Lilliana Phantomhive is Ciel Phantomhive's younger sister. She's younger than Ciel by one year, which means she's 12. Katherine is a quirky and cheerful girl...
  • kittens
  • weirdos
  • blackbutler
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Shinobi turned kitten by sonyanicole1
Shinobi turned kittenby Red Commander
When a mission goes wrong Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Sai and Kakashi find themselves into another dimension, that's the least of the their problems as they've also been tur...
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • naruko
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Because of them  by summer181819
Because of them by summer181819
Magical experiences that only happen in your dreams... Come to life catlovers book, meeting new creatures, finding love, caring. This book involves supernatural cre...
  • adventure
  • witches
  • supernaturalcreatures
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Akatsuki Kittens and A Silent Poet by Yaoishiping
Akatsuki Kittens and A Silent Poetby ThatOneGayShipper
A poet void of emotions for humans (or so he says) hears strange noises, deciding it was best to run instead of find out and possibly die runs and soon finds a box, of w...
  • akatsuki
  • poet
  • gay
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Our Home by Shannon_Demetria
Our Homeby Shannon
A selection of one shots.
  • demilovato
  • kittens
  • laurenabedini
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