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Alone together (Akatsuki kittens) by Black4raven15
Alone together (Akatsuki kittens)by Black4raven15
Alone. That's how I've always felt. Until one stormy night when I was heading home and I stumbled upon a kitten. Soon after that, my life starts to change drastically. N...
Me, my brother and the aCATsuki by BloodyMoonX
Me, my brother and the aCATsukiby BloodyMoonX
Alex live with her abusive father and her younger brother Cody, she’s saving up money to buy a apartment to get away from him, One day on Cody’s birthday she finds a box...
You've got to be Kitten me! by Kitty3Kat3Kawaii
You've got to be Kitten me!by The Queen
(Y/n)'s day was going pretty well until some pricks from an alternate universe decided to drop some villainous kittens straight into her lap... (This is totally, and sha...
Naruto Kittens!! by The_Anime_Writer
Naruto Kittens!!by The_Anime_Writer
Just a normal story of an unnormal girl who found friggin cats :3
Akatsuki Kittens by Anime-Skittles
Akatsuki Kittensby Anime Skittles [On Hiatus]
The Akatsuki: A well-known, notorious gang of outlaws in the shinobi world. They're fierce, vicious, deadly, lethal, and definitely NOT cute. But what happens when they'...
I must be Dreaming (Akatsuki Kittens) by nightsacidream
I must be Dreaming (Akatsuki ☽ Claudia ☾
A lonely girl without friends, but with a dream that could change her life forever. What will she do, when her wish becomes true?
Akatsuki kittens by paramorelover0112
Akatsuki kittensby Ja'Lynn Taylor
I have read so many akatsuki kitten stories that I wanted to make one of my own. I have had in written for a while but this is the first time actually typing it. I hope...
Diabolik lovers kittens x OC by kedaboo03
Diabolik lovers kittens x OCby Kedaboo3384
The Sakamakis and Mukamis are fighting again and gets transported to a different dimension. This is where they meet Erika Hideki. Will this girl melt their stone cold he...
My Akatsuki Kitties by Demon_D_Raika
My Akatsuki Kittiesby Demon_D_Raika
Look at the title. Will later become a small romance.
Entertwined Fates by Smkcat
Entertwined Fatesby Thyme C.
Life was a game to Leafa Akihane. The queen in a chess game. The controller of pawns to play as she fits. The one hidden behind a wall of indifference. The one who will...
Naruto: AcatSUKI kittens and I (ON HOLD) by RatchetsGirl1233
Naruto: AcatSUKI kittens and I ( RatchetsGirl1233
Hehe... My story has an interesting twist unlike all the other Akatsuki cat stories so please read! I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does!
The Akatsuki, In My House? [DISCONTINUED] by ChildOfTheMafia
The Akatsuki, In My House? [ Y
As rain fell one day after school, three girls ran home. If it weren't for the rain, they would have never been late. They would have never seen that box. They would nev...
Akatsuki Kittens by Serinah8
Akatsuki Kittensby Ze awsome me
the akatsuki are now kittens and we get to see how they react to his and how their new friends deal with them
In the real world (Avengers fanfic) by Lexies_Wolves
In the real world (Avengers fanfic)by Lexie
In the real world heroes dont exist. That's what sisters Christian and Laina thought. Until one unforgettable night takes place and leaves them with six familiar kittens...
akatsuki cats???? by BLUEwolf122
akatsuki cats????by BLUEwolf122
luna moon is a very unusual girl that can shape-shift into a wolf . what if she finds kittens in a cardboard box stuck in a tree?? I DONT OWN NARUTO!
Naruto Kittens by kyxgarra21
Naruto Kittensby kyxgarra21
A girl named akuma Yami Bullied and hated by all No family no friends Arms covered in scars Body covered in bruises One day that all changed when She finds kittens
Akatsuki Kittens by kagegakure
Akatsuki Kittensby Yami and Hikari Otsutsuki
Hikari and Yami are two curious best friends who love to watch anime, especially Naruto. They have special powers that no one knows about and feel like they don't belong...
Naruto Kittens by Yukilu03
Naruto Kittensby Starlight_Mist
This book is about Naruto characters being turned into kittens and sent to our world where our main character Aiyoki Yamiaki a teenager will find them. 'Will she take th...
Diabolik Lovers Kitten!Dialovers x Reader by OtakuButterfly
Diabolik Lovers Kitten!Dialovers OtakuButterfly
[Name] woke up on Sunday just like every other day, except for maybe the unforecasted storm and a box of adorable but strange kittens she finds in an alley. (Story will...