Chapter 37: Trading Basics

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"Um, you can make some special products too. For example..."

Zack explained while fiddling with his menu. The area beside him turned blurry and half of his arm vanished into a hazy cloud.

"Eh? What's that?"

Erika examined the fog from different angles. It was very similar to the fog which guarded the entrance to the farming field.

"Um, this? It's the DiVe."


"Um, how was it called again... Dimension Vessel, I think?"

"Oh, I see. I never saw others using it."

Whenever Erika brought out her Dimension Vessel, it appeared like a small island hanging in midair. However, for others around her, it must have looked like a foggy area, leading to another dimension.

Half of Zack's arm was completely erased, searching deep inside his DiVe. He pulled out a carrot out of thin air and the fog dispersed.

"Um, I take it you're from the Water Temple?"

"Sure am."

"Um, water usually doesn't taste good... maybe ice?"

Zack drew out a few pale pieces, which Erika recognized as [Ice] pieces. He pressed the pieces against the carrot, and a brown sigil formed on his right arm.

The carrot and the pieces were wrapped in bright light, morphing into a new item. The carrot changed color, from orange to light blue, and turned half transparent. It now a carrot-shaped icicle.

"Um, you can synthesize a special product like this, then grow more it on your field. Here, give it a try."

Zack tossed the blue carrot to Erika, which she masterfully caught... with her forehead.

【Obtained Ice Carrot.】


Erika nearly dropped the cold carrot once it reached her palms. The word "ice" wasn't in the name for nothing.

"Mm! It's pretty good."

Erika happily licked the carrot-flavored popsicle.

"Um, yeah... it's good... very good, heh."

Indeed, the sight of a cute girl licking a long, stiff object was good. Very good.

"Hm? Do you want a bite too?"

Erika noticed strange icon hanging beside Zack. It had a face licking its lips, suggesting that Zack craved a bite from the popsicle.

"Um, no... you can keep lick- er, eating it..."

All Zack wanted was for Erika to: Just. Keep. Licking. Erika shrugged and finished carrot ice cream, bringing down the curtain on Zack's entertainment.

Zack explained that the Ice Carrot was made with the power of the [Synthesis] rune. The rune had many different uses, one of which included fusing items with rune pieces, to give them special attributes.

Creating unique food was one way for players to make it big on the NPC market. There were NPCs who sold similar fantasy food, the way Jeff did, but they were rare and had a limited variety. Hence, many merchant NPCs gladly bought exotic types of food.

Due to its versatile utility, Zack claimed that [Synthesis] was a must-have for most merchant-type players. Whether it was growing a field or running a shop, synthesizing special items was always important.

It sounds like I should get further into the game before I consider farming.

Erika needed to get more runes, to study the market and to collect money for renting a field. Though she was an RPG veteran, her experience couldn't print money. As far as GoVe was concerned, Erika was fresh meat.

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