Chapter 9: Mystical Vireco

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In Mina's kitchen, Erika found more than enough food. However, the house didn't incorporate a SmartCook, and everything other than cup noodles required basic cooking skills.

She's right. There's really nothing but cup noodles in the kitchen.

Erika nodded to herself and prepared noodles for the hungry, little animal.

"I brought your noodles... huh."

Erika stopped at the room's entrance and watched Mina with thin eyes.


Mina pulled out a spare Vocean headgear from the closet.

"May I ask what exactly you're doing?"


Erika grabbed the Vocean and raised it into the air, with Mina still attached to it.

"W-what the heck!? Let go, ya dumb Titan!"

Mina wrapped her legs around the helmet like a monkey. Other than her left arm, all of Mina's limbs embraced the Vocean.

"I said this is forbidden. Ugh! "

Erika couldn't keep the helmet+animal package lifted.


Mina fell onto the floor, with the Vocean landing on top of her (flat) chest. Erika seized the moment and snatched the Vocean, replacing it with a bowl of instant noodles.

"No more playing until you properly eat."


Mina jumped into cross-legged sitting and grabbed the offered fork. The bowl's cover was still loosely attached, so Mina proceeded to remove it... with her teeth.

So this is a VR headgear...

Erika closely examined the white helmet in her hands. The game displayed on the Vocean was God Vessel Online. Just holding the headgear didn't give Erika a taste of VR experience. However, this was the closest she ever got to it.

Erika lowered the Vocean and examined the wild animal.

"So? Would you please mind explaining why you skipped three days of school?"


Mina shifted her eyes away.

"School, huh... there was such a dumb thing, wasn't there?"

Mina resorted to silence, hoping that the topic would magically vanish into thin air if she ignored it.

"I'm still waiting."


"Well, I already know you were playing GoVe."

Erika sighed and continued to speak with the tone of a scolding parent.

"My question is: why did you prioritize the game over school?"

"... GoVe?"

Mina tilted her head in wonder.

"God Vessel Online."

Erika pointed at the digital screen on the side of the Vocean.

"Oh, this game had that kinda name?"

"S-so I heard..."

This time, it was Erika's turn to avert her eyes. Luckily, Mina's skull was too thick to notice anything.

"Anyway, what's your excuse?"


Mina twisted her lips and fell silent. Then, an idea sparked in her mind.

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