Chapter 55: Windflora King

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Erika took a deep breath, preparing herself for the assault operation. The Windflora King towered over her petite body all the way across the field, numbing her muscles with tension.

I'm so dead...

She dashed into the danger zone. Her goal wasn't to confront the monstrous flower. Instead, she ran along the lake and hoped to break through without battle.

The Windflora King wasn't amused by the intruder. The flower took its aim and fired a tornado at Erika.


Erika was blasted high into the air. How could that possibly be the regular attack of a mob? It was a nuke! There was no way to defend against it! There was nowhere to hide!

"Waaa- blagh!"

Erika crashed into the lake. Her dipped body rapidly turned heavy. She could feel the water sticking to her skin, as if absorbed by a sponge. No matter how desperately she struggled to swim, there was no option but to drown.

【Congratulations! You died.】

With this, Erika confirmed that even the area by the lake was within the Windflora King's sniping range. She couldn't casually waltz through the area unscratched.

On her second try, Erika confronted the road boss head on. This earned her lots of praise from the battle manic.

"Ya can do it, Titan! Go go go!"

Easy for you to say...

Erika scanned the Windflora King for weak points. From what she learned about Windfloras, the stem was a vulnerable area. If she could chop the stem in half, then the giant enemy would fall.

Sadly, the Windflora King was a scaled up version of the regular Windflora in every sense. Its stem was as thick as a bamboo tree, not nearly as frail as the stem of a normal Windflora. There was little hope for the short and thin Silver Knife to deal substantial damage.

Erika took a deep breath and charged at the Windflora King.


She didn't even reach the bamboo tree. A fierce hurricane swept her away like a rock.


Erika was slammed into the ground and the Silver Knife flew out of her hand.

N-not good...!

She pushed her wrecked body to move. She had to reach the Silver Knife before dying, or else it might vanish for good.


She was shoved into the ground by another blast. Her frail arm was kicked away, never reaching her beloved Silver Knife.

【Congratulations! You died.】

When Erika respwaned, the Silver Knife dropped by her legs. She let out a deep sigh of relief and hanged the knife on her waist.

There was a section about this in GoVe's in-game manual. As long as the item was within five meters of the owner, said item would spawn beside the owner upon death. Otherwise, the item would keep lying on the field for some time, free for anybody to grab. Eventually, it'd vanish.

I got off the hook this time, but it was a close call. If the knife flew any farther away, i'd be in a pinch.

Erika charged at the Windflora King again. This time, she didn't draw the Silver Knife until she was within striking range.

The Windflora King was as alert as ever. It aimed its huge face at Erika and prepared to bombard.

"Jump, Titan!"

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