Chapter 65: Sunday Break

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Erika took off the Vocean helmet and rose from the bed. Her body felt stiff for a short while, but she was more than used to this sensation by now. It didn't alert her in the slightest.

It was already lunch time, so Erika and Mina took a break from VR. Thanks to the meals Erika brought over, Mina had a decent lunch for the first time in ages.

"Oooooh!! This shit is great!"

Mina absorbed the rice and meat like a black hole. Instant noodles were alright as far Mina was concerned, but they couldn't begin to compare to the godly taste of "homemade food".

"Ya a great cook, Titan! As expected from a honor student!"


Erika smiled wryly and averted her eyes. Mina had no idea this food was prepared by the SmartCook. Erika decided to not correct this misunderstanding and accepted the undeserved praise.

Once the "luxurious" lunch was over, Erika and Mina returned to their gaming center. Now, that Erika had reached the first city, many new options would open up for her. As an RPG veteran, she knew she could spend a whole week exploring a city this big.

Alas, her time was limited. The free trial of God Vessel Online lasted for only two weeks. The amount of messing around she could do was limited.

"How far is Trilz City from Zelin City?"

"Umm... don't remember. Ya need to pass like five more areas I think."

As expected, the brainless beastie wasn't very helpful. Erika googled up the game's world map on her cellphone and examined the first few regions. Even though Death's Rift was considered "too hard" for beginners, on many maps it was still included in the first region along with Trilz City itself.

There were two relevant paths stretching from Zelin City. Erika could either venture south or east. Either way, relying on her RPG instincts, she deduced that she should pass through Rezer, the second city of the first region. Visiting all the major cities was extremely important in most RPGs.

Since Erika wasn't familiar with any of the roads leading to Rezer City, she decided to consult with Mina. But...

"Hey, Titan! Let's play some SoulClay!"

Mina grinned and waved a controller. The fighting game, Soul Claymore, was already booted and waited on the "character selection" screen.

"Eh? Ah, sure..."

Erika was surprised by this unexpected development. She planned to keep playing GoVe, but she had no reason to decline Mina's offer. It was her first time playing face-to-face with a fellow gamer, hence the alien situation excited her.

She grabbed the controller and sat down on the bed. Playing like this, side by side with another gamer, was trilling. She leveled up from a "Closet Gamer" to a "Full-fledged Gamer".

In fact, the outdated game console made her feel even superior than that. She was a "Hardcore Gamer" right now. Game consoles pretty much went extinct many years ago, and had nearly no support these days. Most modern gamers had never even seen a game console.

"So... how do I use this?"

Erika looked at the controller with a dumb face. She sorta knew the theory behind it: the cross pad on her left was for movement inputs, whereas the four buttons on her right were for other actions. However, she had no idea how to handle this artifact.

Hmm... this isn't very comfortable.

Erika placed four fingers on top of four buttons. Such an arrangement made sense for keyboard, where each key would be optimally assigned to a single finger. However, the same logic didn't apply to this relic called "console controller". Her long fingers stretched awkwardly to cover all the buttons and her hand ached.

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