Chapter 5: Verdandi Blade Online

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"I'll be doing homework."

Erika reported to her mother after finishing dinner.

"Mhm, good girl."

Laura smiled proudly at her daughter and took a sip from her black coffee.


The black dog, Constantine, growled and glared at Erika, as reading through her lie.

Tch, not cute in the slightest.

Erika threw a thin smile toward the hellhound and continued to her room. Once inside, she closed the door. Then she locked it. With three different locks. And with a key. And she left the key inside the keyhole, just in case.


Erika nodded to herself and approached her table. She grabbed her tablet and opened the notebook app on a random page from school. She also put a stylus pen nearby, to create the impression she was doing homework.

However, "doing homework" was very far from her real intentions. She left the tablet alone and sat down in front of her PC instead.

Let's see...

A mischievous smile surfaced on her face while she browsed through search results. Her search subject was "Verdandi Blade Online". More specifically, the "special PvP event" which the boys at school discussed.

It was a massive Player vs. Player deathmatch, with no parties allowed. However, same as the boys at school, Erika knew a secret way to "cooperate" with others during such events.

Huhu, this can actually be fun.

Her lips curved into a foxy smile as she brought up a chatroom.

【FluffyCuteling entered the chatroom】

『Are you there?』

She wrote to one of her contacts, Opqai-kun, and shortly received a reply.


『playin gove tho』

At first, Erika rejoiced that Opqai-kun responded so quickly. However, she shrugged unpleasantly when she read the message about "GoVe", which stood for "God Vessel Online".

『Heard about the event in Verdandi?』


『Yes. Are you participating?』


『My, the DPS god is skipping?』

Erika was taken aback. She couldn't believe that the player with the second highest damage-per-second on the server ignored such a big event.

『solo deathmatch is dumb』

『i never participate』

『too random』

『and they all gonna attack me first anyway』

Erika understood his arguments very well. A large-scale PvP deathmatch was definitely going to be chaotic and luck-based. She originally planned to ignore it as well.

『True, it's a little random. But there's a very good strategy to secure victory.』


『We'll make a secret alliance between players. This way, we'll have an advantage over those who fight solo.』

『lol cheating? love that』

『But that's just on the surface. In truth, we'll secretly form TWO alliances.』

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