Chapter 45: Splashed Vivi

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"Ahahaha! Take that! And that!"

Vivi continued to blast Waterfloras even beyond the number Erika requested. She was like an excited kid in an amusement park.

"Vivi, you can stop now. Here's the chocolate."

Erika smiled at the hyperactive brat and took out a piece of Dragon Chocolate. She already had 22 Waterflora Seeds in her inventory, more than enough for Silveria's quest.

"Hmph, fine. Like, the generous Vivi will let these idiots off the hook for today!"

Vivi announced with both hands on her waist. She looked down on all the weak Waterfloras; they never managed to graze her with their attacks, not even once.

As if to punish the snobbish pixie, it appeared out of nowhere. One moment nothing was there, then in the next... a Waterflora. Right beside Vivi.

"V-Vivi! Look out!!"

"Like, what're you fussing about?"

Vivi slowly turned around, retaining the confident smug of the strongest creature in the universe. Her expression turned pale in the next instant.



The Waterflora swallowed Vivi into its watery head. The little pixie found herself entrapped inside a suffocating prison.

"Blegh! Ugh!!"

Vivi punched and kicked through the liquid, to no avail. She tried to blast the cage from within, but no force came out of her frail arms.


Erika rushed forth with the Silver Knife in hand. She didn't want to think of it, but there was the possibility that Vivi could be killed by this vicious flower. The pixie would be digested alive, until all life force would be sucked out of her.

C-calm down. I only need to defeat the flower, that's all. D-don't think of pointless things...!

There was no time to second-guess GoVe's mechanics. The more she thought about the possibility of permanent death, the faster her mind raced. The more her mind overworked, the more hazy she became.

She had to terminate the flower. She had to rescue Vivi. Channeling these precise thoughts into her arm, Erika slashed the flower's transparent body. The Waterflora was too occupied with digesting Vivi, it neither resisted nor retaliated.

Through the stem. Though the head. She attacked and attacked, but it was the same as slicing water. Water spilled all over the ground, but the Waterflora's body didn't collapse.

It's not use! At least I should get Vivi out...!

Erika shoved her free hand into the Windflora's face. Her fingers dug into the thick mass of liquid, but failed to get through. It was impossible to reach inside, impossible to rescue Vivi.

"C-curses! What do I do then!?"

"Hey! Titan! Try punching that fucker!"


Erika slashed the water cage from different angles, but the Waterflora didn't show any signs of defeat. It was an absurdly tough mob for early game, making Erika wish to dig her knife into the game designers.

"Don't SWOOSH, Titan! Just literally punch that fucker! Like WHAM!"


Revert back to punching? A ludicrous idea. Erika first-handedly experienced how much the knife empowered her combat performance.

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