Chapter 59: Mercy

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"Like, are you gathering a circus of idiots?"

Vivi spat a sigh as she looked at Blobby and Mercy. As far as she was concerned, Water Blobs were weaklings to crush, and Drainer Bees were notorious enemies to destroy.


The Drainer Bee, Mercy, flew toward Vivi and tried to sting her for the foul comment.

"H-hey! Are you picking a fight with the great Vivi!?"

Vivi dodged the assault and charged her body with wind energy. She was ready to beat the daylights out of Mercy any time.

"Mercy, no fighting!"

Erika put herself between the two brats and drove Mercy away. She reminded that Blobby was still around, ready to soak the bee to the bone.


Mercy retreated and acted like a good kid. However, the emote by his head indicated that he regretted the missed opportunity to suck Vivi dry. Unlike the kind and obedient Blobby, Mercy's behavior gave a negative impression.

Blobby was previously misunderstood when he sprayed Vivi in order to heal her. However, Mercy's goal was to nothing short of stabbing Vivi to death. There was also the fact that Mercy wasn't particular cute, which didn't help him to get any affection points from Erika.

Since Mercy is so eager to sting, I should send him to work for me.

Erika scanned the field them. There were many Windfloras scattered near the forest, and many Waterfloras beside the lake. They were all perfect targets.

"Mercy, go hunt some of the Windfloras over there. Let's see what you're capable of. Of course, pass all the rewards ro me."

Erika commanded like a cold-hearted officer. She didn't have any trust in Mercy, so she acted strict and intimidating. The bee understood the order and flew off to murder some Windfloras.


Mercy stabbed a Windflora straight in the face, then drained all the energy out of the flower. It was a one hit K.O. The Windflora didn't have a chance to retaliate.

【Mercy defeated Windflora. Obtained 7 [Wind] pieces and 2 Windflora Seeds.】

This soon transformed into a pleasant routine. Mercy snuck up to unsuspecting Windfloras and stabbed them to death. None of the Windfloras even had the opportunity to strike back.

【Mercy defeated Windflora. Obtained 11 [Wind] pieces and 3 Windflora Seeds.】

【Mercy defeated Windflora. Obtained 6 [Wind] pieces.】

【Mercy defeated Windflora. Obtained 7 [Wind] pieces and 2 Windflora Seeds.】

Huhu, this is fabulous.

Erika smirked as she watched the cash rolling in. She didn't even need to lift a finger, the money was begging to be taken by her. All her difficult and heroic battles against the Windfloras felt so silly and pointless compared to this sight. Mercy was a god-tier grinding machine; he must had been born for this one purpose!

To further experiment with Mercy's capabilities, Erika ordered him to defeat some Waterfloras. For Erika, Waterfloras were much harder enemies than Windfloras. However, for Mercy, there was no difference.

【Mercy defeated Waterflora. Obtained 14 [Water] pieces and 3 Waterflora Seeds.】

【Mercy defeated Waterflora. Obtained 9 [Water] pieces and 3 Waterflora Seeds.】

【Mercy defeated Waterflora. Obtained 7 [Water] pieces and 3 Waterflora Seeds.】

The Waterfloras perished one after another. These evil flowers attacked Erika on sight, but they failed to properly react to Mercy. No matter how weird-looking or vile Mercy was, Erika had to admit he did a great job; she even developed respect.

Mercy wasn't special, however. All Drainer Bees in the area employed the same sneak-and-hit tactics on the flowers. It seemed that flowers struggled to identify Drainer Bees as natural enemies, even though it should had been obvious at a glance. Erika couldn't tell whether it was a bug or a design choice. Either way, it played in her favor.


Mercy wobbled in midair and flew in unstable circles. There was a strain emote beside him, indicating that he overworked himself.

"Good job. You can rest now."


Mercy trembled from happiness, finally liberated from this exhausting task. Erika earned more than 60 pieces from Mercy's killing spree, she was more than satisfied about the performance. Her soldier deserved some rest.



Water assaulted Mercy out of the blue, making him cower and tremble pitifully. No matter how one looked at it, this didn't look like a healing splash of water.

"Blobby, you shouldn't bully-"

Erika realized that Blobby stood right behind her. He was completely unaware of the ongoing events as he gazed at the distant forest in curisory. This water attack wasn't Blobby's prank.


The attacker was an untamed Water Blob. The nearby area still had some puddles, therefore it wasn't surprising to see a stray Water Blob all the way out here. However, what did surprise Erika, was the Water Blob's aggressive nature.

Mercy may not had been the nicest bee in the world, but he didn't do anything to the Water Blob. On the contrary, he worked hard to eradicate the very flowers that bullied Water Blobs. To be rewarded in such a manner was too sad, even if it was Mercy.

"You stop this right now, young one."

Erika reached out to grab the mischievous baby blob. She was splashed in the face, , but that didn't faze her.


Realizing that it was in a tight spot, the barbarian Water Blob cowardly fled. It was an unbelievably nasty and bratty behavior for a baby. Erika was very disappointed as the self-proclaimed mommy of all cutelings.

This event repeated itself again in a few seconds, when another Water Blob decided to bully Mercy. This forced Erika to find a safer spot to rest. It didn't occur to her before, but this whole area must had been scripted to be oppressive for all types of mobs.

It was like a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Flowers blasted blobs, blobs splashed bees and bees stabbed flowers. None of the mobs in the area were more saint than others. Water Blobs only appeared more innocent because Drainer Bees were smart enough to dodge the blobs' territory.


Blobby patched up both Erika and Mercy with his warm water. Then, he started feeling tired too and sat down to rest. He did a lot of spraying lately, so he must had ran out of MP. The little blob clearly wasn't used to spray his water this much.

Erika's familiars were small and their stamina wasn't anything to write home about. Nonetheless, they had their strengths and uses. Especially, in this floral area, Mercy proved himself as the instrument of mass destruction.

With this powerful ally, she felt like she could take on anything in this area. Then, she remembered her biggest enemy in this area...

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