Chapter 52: Road Boss

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It was past dinner time when Erika returned home. In recent days, this has become a routine for her.

"May I ask where you've been hanging lately, young lady?"

Laura approached her daughter right after the late dinner, without giving Erika the chance to flee to her room.

"Hm? Haven't I already explained?"

Erika tilted her head in wonder, unsure which part of her bulletproof cover story was unclear to her mother.

"I pay visits to a troublesome classmate, to help her catch up with the material she missed. While at that, I also make sure she doesn't forget to attend school again."

"I see. What kind of girl is she anyway?"

"Let's see, if I had to describe her..."

There was a lot Erika could say about Mina, none of which would leave a good impression. Especially, mentioning anything related to gaming was off-limits unless she was forced to cough it up through torture.

"She's... like a puppy."

"A puppy...?"

"She's short and looks like a grade student. She yells a lot, but she doesn't bite... much."

Erika giggled as she imagined a fluffy puppy with Mina's facial expressions. If one replaced Mina's cursing and yelling with "wuff" sounds, then she'd become an adorable critter.

"I... I see..."

Laura was taken aback by this description. She expected very different things out of this interrogation.

"Just to make it clear, that student is a GIRL, right?"

"My, of course. I can show you the student list if you want."

"No, that's alright."

Laura waved her hand to dismiss the proposal. It didn't seem like Erika was lying, hence there was no need for extra validations.

"Heh, I thought it was a boyfriend."

Laura tapped on Erika's shoulder with a sly smile. When she was a teenager, Laura made up many excuses for her parents in order to hide her romantic adventures. Now, in the shoes of a parent, Laura was worried about Erika getting a secret life.

"You know you can talk to me about anything, right Eri? Your dad can be an insensitive blockhead at times, but I'll listen."

"Sure, mom."

Of course, Erika couldn't really bring herself to discuss video games with her mother. If her mother approved of her dark hobby, then Erika's life would become much easier. However, if the hobby were to be rejected... gulp.

Laura had a hunch. Her hunch was supported by years of experience as a mother and as a businesswoman. She could tell this much: there was something on Erika's mind, something that Erika didn't feel comfortable sharing.

Despite her young age, Erika was shrewd. For the better or the worse, she picked up many mannerisms from Laura. This included maintaining a smile in front of others even in distress, as well as making confident statements in order to misdirect the opposition's arguments. Laura was proud of how smoothly her daughter adopted business techniques, but she also lamented the fact that these same techniques turned Erika into a complicated child to deal with.

Laura was strong with driving people into a corner, her job practically required this skill to survive. However, she didn't want to use this witchcraft on her own daughter. Erika appeared mature because of her height and mannerism, but she was still a kid inside. Having a worry or two at that age was normal. Not to mention that bloating worries out of properties was every teenager's favorite pastime.

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