Chapter 63: Generous Vivi

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A huge blast tore the area apart.


Erika was blown away. Her whole weight slammed against the ground.

Agh... I thought... we'll be safe at this distance...

They were beyond the invisible wall, which blocked their progress before. Alas, that didn't mean they were outside the Windflora King's sniping zone. Erika was careless.

"Agh, Vivi... are you okay...?"

Erika opened her arms with difficulty. In the very last second, before the tornado assault, she grabbed Vivi and shielded the pixie with her own body.

"I-I'm fine... of course, the great Vivi is fine!"

Vivi jumped out of Erika's embrace, trying to look healthy and energetic as ever. However, it took her a while to fully regain her vigor after the sudden bombarding. She must had been shaken by this near-death experience. If not for Erika's protection, then Vivi would had been dead right now.

"I'm... glad..."

Erika's voice was weak and coarse, but she wore a smile on her pained face. Her whole body turned into a mess and she felt like a washed out rag doll. Nonetheless, Vivi was safe and that's what counted.

Erika tried to push herself away from the ground, but it was as easy as lifting a mountain. Every cell in her body ached whenever she twitched. Even after she conquered the virtual sense of pain, her limbs still moved as smoothly as those of a broken robot.

Her injuries were fatal, yet she somehow to survived. However, there was no telling how long she'd last in this miserable state. Every ounce of strength was slowly, but surely, slipping away from her.

Instead of struggling to stand up, she decided to relax. She loosened her limbs and peacefully rested on the ground. She hoped that the game system would recognize this as "taking a rest", and would quickly restore her back to full health.

Alas, GoVe wasn't such a merciful game. The automatic healing didn't kick, probably due to Erika's severe injuries. Rather than "taking a rest", Erika's current status could best be described as "dying".

It's alright... I managed to safely get Vivi across. That's all that matters.

She glanced at the pixie with a fading smile. Vivi was back to her normal self and she didn't sustain any injuries either. On top of that, Zelin City was right in front of them and there was no immediate danger in the area. Truly, Erika could die in peace.

"Seems like I can't make it this time... wait for me here Vivi..."

Erika succumbed to her injuries and awaited her inevitable demise. To cross the Windflora King's region again, she'd have to tame another bee and send it to fight. It was a tiresome task and she felt horrible for exploiting yet another bee familiar. Nonetheless, she'd have to do it.

Now that she knew the drill, passing through this area no longer sounded overly difficult. Everything should be alright, even if she died now. Everything... should be... alright...

"Like, are you serious? You gonna give up after putting all that effort!?"

Vivi yelled and waved her tiny fists. She couldn't accept this defeat, not after they came this far!

"It's alright... I can just do it all over again..."

"Don't be an idiot! You've come this far already... oh, right! That stupid blob! Pull him out and force him to heal you!"


Erika was too dazed to think straight. Even such a simple solution slipped her mind.

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