Chapter 36: Farming Tips

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It's very lively in here.

Erika reached the area where players could manage their own farming fields. Alas, there was no player in sight. Only one field stood there and it was entirely flat.

Strangely, the entrance to the field was blurry, covered by a white haze. It reminded Erika the back of Silveria's farm; the area leading outside the Water Temple looked foggy and inaccessible too.

Maybe I'll see something different if I take a closer look?

Erika approached the white fog, but it looked thicker and thicker. She stuck out her hand and tried to pierce through the fog.


Her hand couldn't go through. This must have been the game's equivalent of "invisible walls", which stopped players from wandering into undesired areas. She pushed against the fog with both palms, but the fog didn't budge.

【TIP】【Dimension Rooms are personal areas which can be bought or rented by God Vessels. They are invisible from outside and exist in a different dimension accessible only to you, same as your Dimension Vessel.】

In other words, this field is no more than decoration.

Erika tilted her head as she examined the blurry field beyond the fog. It appeared empty and unused, but that wasn't really the case. It was probably put to a good use in some alternative dimension, which was invisible and inaccessible to Erika.

As an RPG veteran, Erika was familiar with such mechanics. Games allowed many different players to buy the same exact area, but each player had a separate instance of the field generated for them. This way, the same area could be recycled to satisfy as many players as needed.

There might have been farmer players around, tending to their fields at this very moment. However, Erika had no way to contact them, and there was no indication whether anybody was coming out.

She considering giving up for today, but then something invisible bumped into her.


She was pushed away from the fog, almost tripping. A teenage boy suddenly appeared from the other side of fog, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Um, sorry..."

He made an awkward expression and played with his blue hair, which entirely covered half of his face.

"It's alright. My fault for standing this close to the field."

Erika recollected herself and smiled back.

"Um, that's good..."

The boy was at least 6 years older than Erika's avatar, putting him somewhere in his late teens. He must have been a fairly advanced player, even though his gear didn't seem particularly impressive. He looked like just another farmer, almost like an NPC.

One thing that remarkably stood up, was the boy's blue hair. Even though GoVe was a fantasy game, this was still a rare sight; the hair must have been modified in some way.


The username informed Erika that Zack was most likely into Japanese RPGs. Erika decided to exploit the opportunity and to learn more about the field.

"Do you own a field here?"

"Um, yeah. I have a medium field."

Zack walked away from the white fog as he spoke, to not bump into anybody else. Erika followed suit, realizing it wasn't a safe spot to linger in.

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