Chapter 38: Elf and Pixie

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While Erika and Zack were busy discussing game details, a familiar elf approached them.

"I happened to finish your request."

It was Alicia, the pretty elf woman who saved Erika from the vicious Darkflora.

"Um, great!"

Zack smiled heartily toward Alicia and a heart icon appeared by his head. Needless to say, he wasn't very good at masking his affections.

Huhu, I just saw something nice.

Erika giggled meaningfully as she watched the lovebirds interact. Peering into another player's emotions was truly a fearful tool, Erika hoped to never be targeted by it herself.. However, as a user, it was a very delicous ability for her curiosity.

"Hi again."

Erika smiled toward Alicia and joined the conversation..

"Um, you know each other?"

Zack scratched his neck while switching back and forth between Erika to Alicia.

"Indeed. I happened to aid this Vessel in hunting a Flora monster."

Alicia nodded in response, but that was all. She didn't bother to provide any additional details.

"Um, wait... don't tell me she helped you beat that Darkflora?"

Zack turned to Erika, realizing that some of the Darkflora Seeds could have been rightfully his. For FREE.

"She provided some support, but I was the one to take down the Darkflora."

Erika made sure to steal as much credit as was possible. She would have been 100% dead without Alicia, but there was no way in hell she'd separate from the 2k pieces she just earned.

"Um, you got any loot from the Darkflora?"

Zack directed the hopeful question to Alicia.

"I didn't happen to receive anything."

"Um, then why you didn't ask to split the reward?"

"I just happened to pass by and heal this Vessel. I didn't fight the Flora."

"Um, yeah.... you never actually fight, but..."

Zack twirled his blue hair with a grumpy face.

Alicia's stoic face made it clear how indifferent she was to the whole topic of "rewards". She just happened to pass by, she helped a struggling player and then she left. That was all that happened, and she had no reason to think about it any further.

"Haa... heh, you're really way too selfless."

Zack both smiled and sighed at the same time. Erika noticed another lovely emote, fully confirming her earlier suspicion.

"Huhu, I have the distinct impression that farming isn't the only thing to keep you in GoVe~"

"U-um, what do you mean?"


Erika tilted her head and giggled at how Zack shifted his eyes away. There was no obvious indication on his face, but Erika clearly saw the faint emote of embarrassment.

"So how are you two related? A quest?"

Erika looked at both Zack and Alicia. They were a pair of player and NPC, much like Erika and Vivi; there were usually circumstances involved.

"Um, it's an escort quest. I... show her around the world, I guess."

There was an awkward icon beside Zack, for some reason.

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