Chapter 43: Saturday Freedom

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With a dubious dodgeball team formed under Sophia's leadership, all their student council tasks were done for the day. Finally, the girls earned the permission to head home, even though it was Saturday in the first place.

But before then, they (unwillingly) rendezvoused with Kail. They had to make sure that the slippery scum finished his share of the assignments.

"Hey, hey! You hurt my fragile little heart with your suspicion!"

Kail exclaimed dramatically when Sophia interrogated him about his achievements.

"I did a pitch perfect job today, you'll be knocked out when you see my awesome submission."

Kail shrugged with a confident smug and took a bite from his chocolate. It was unclear how much chocolate he carried around, but he had a package ready in his hand at all times.

I hope he's not all words today.

Erika opened the student council's task management application and carefully examined Kail's work. There was a likely chance that Kail made up random sport teams, just to call it a day.

"... he seems to be clean. On the surface, at least."

Erika took her findings with a grain of salt, as everything else that involved Kail. Throughout the day, she made sure to interrogate every student from A-5 who crossed her path. They confirmed that Kail was truly absent from school for the whole past week; Erika didn't imagine things when she checked his attendance.

Yet, today, all records about his absence vanished into thin air. Black magic was the only explanation, but Kail pretend to be a pure and innocent fellow.

"You see? You see? I'm just a honest diligent class prez!"

"... alright, let's call it a day then."

Erika declared as the unofficial leader of the team. The words flowed naturally out of her mouth, almost making her forget that Sophia and Kail two were no longer her henchmen.

"Sure thing, boss!"

Kail saluted with a grin and munched on more chocolate. Being called "boss" was as annoying as ever, but it was offset by a wave of nostalgia..

It was just a year ago, back when Erika was the student council president in middle school. Back then, Sophia was the vice-president and Kail was also... kinda there for some reason. He always sorta did his job when pressured, but Erika never understood why he even bothered to be in the student council with his attitude.

"Bye, Sophy."


"Ciao, girls~"

Once the team dispersed, Erika pretended to go back home. She circled around the whole school, then walked in the opposite direction; her real destination was Mina's house.

Erika phoned Mina to ensure she could pay a visit, but the little beastie didn't pick up. The first image to flash in Erika's mind was that of a starving kitten, helplessly lying on the floor. The second image was that of a grinning brat, secretly playing VR despite the Vireco. Anything was possible when it came to Mina.

Shortly before reaching her destination, Erika came across a park with a playground. Two boys stood at the entrance and stared into the park in awe.

"Think you can do that cool thing?"

"O-of course! If a girl can do it, then I can too!"

One of the boys puffed his chest and lifted his chin in arrogance.

"My, what are you looking at?"

Erika casually approached the boys and joined their conversation.

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