Chapter 13: Dimension Vessel

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Everything went pitch black. Erika's physical body disappeared and was replaced by a fickle, azure flame.

【Congratulations! You died.】

【However, as a God Vessel, you are immortal. You will respawn in a minute, but expect some penalties.】

"Pwahahahaha!!! That shit was lame, Titan!"


Curses, to die in less than 5 minutes after starting the game...

The concept of beginning the game with an impossible fight wasn't alien to Erika. However, experiencing the overwhelming defeat on her own body was far from appreciated.

"What penalties are there for dying?"

"Huuuh? Was there shit like that? Hmm.... no idea!"

"Probably nothing grave, then... hah..."

Even without a notable price to pay, the unfair battle was enough to salt Erika's mood.

"Say, Mini. Did you also have a destructive opening like that?"

"Yeah! That old geezer scum tried to slice me in half! I-I survived though! S-showed him who's da boss!"

Mina invisibly jerked as she recalled that horrible intro.

"I don't think 'surviving' was an option in my case... that dragon was incredibly fast and absurdly powerful."

"That super sonic fatty is hax, I'll give ya that. I'm totally coming here later to wreck his fat ass!"

"My, are you strong enough to take on such a formidable foe?"

"Won't know unless I try!"

"I see."

The azure flame withered and the darkness began to disperse. Erika's petite avatar materialized in the hall again.

"Oh, I'm impressed. Even trash can respawn, it seems."

Minerva wore her usual smile, which completely contradicted her stinging words.

"Would you PLEASE mind explaining what was the purpose of that 'test'?"

Erika cursed through a twitching smile.

"No need to be so angry, shrimp. Here, take a treat to calm down."

Minerva tossed a block of chocolate. Right into Erika's face.


【Obtained Dragon Chocolate】

After it slapped her face, the chocolate fell into Erika's hands and she examined it in suspicion. There were drawings of flying dragons all over it, with golden letters indicating that this was, indeed, chocolate... probably.

Why "Dragon" chocolate? They aren't making this chocolate out of poor little dragons babies, are they...?

【TIP】【You can store obtained items in your Dimension Vessel. It'll serve as your bag for carrying items.】

【TIP】【Touch the Menu icon on your right side to bring up the menu screen.】

Erika noticed a floating icon on her right side, which was almost invisible unless one actively searched for it. She tapped on the icon and a screen with multiple tabs popped up.

Erika briefly scanned the options and tapped on【Dimension Vessel】. A small floating island popped up in front of her.

My, this is... unusual.

The Dimension Vessel was a gravity-defying mass of ground, which magically hanged in midair. It was roughly shaped into the form of a square, and its surface was about 1 square meter.

An unfamiliar blue crystal lied on top of the board. Erika reached out and examined its features.

【TIP】【In order to read an item's description, tap the item with your index finger and keep it pressed for two seconds.】

Erika followed the instructions and a window popped up.

【Water Rune】

【Allows you to use the water element. Its power is primarily used to heal and support others. Recommended Slot: Arm】

"My, didn't I pick [Communication]?"

"They give ya a second rune at the beginning. But this shit is useless until you reach the first city, so get ya ass moving!"

"I see."

Erika put the chocolate on top of the floating board and closed the Dimension Vessel. The island vanished into thin air, along with the [Water] rune and the Dragon Chocolate. When she opened the Dimension Vessel again, both the rune and the chocolate were safely there.

This looks like a very restrictive inventory. Hoarding will prove difficult.

Erika frowned at the small, floating island and grabbed the chocolate.

【Dragon Chocolate】

【Its sweetness is guaranteed to blow your mind. Sweet-toothed creatures would do anything for a piece of this masterpiece.】

"Say, Mini. You think it's poisoned?"

"Dunno. Anything is possible with that hooded bitch."

Erika couldn't unwrap the chocolate with her own hands. Both the chocolate and the wrapping formed one, tight block. Instead, she had to tap on the item and to pick the【Unwrap】option.

The top of the wrapping came off, revealing the black chocolate inside. Despite the description, the dark chocolate looked more bitter than sweet.

Before another disaster struck her, Erika brought up the menu and navigated to【Settings】. Gladly, the game had a【Sensation Realism %】setting.

Good. With this, I should be able to mitigate the sense of pain in the game.

Erika pressed a finger against the slider and started pulling it down.

"... eh?"

The slider didn't budge. She tried a few more times, but there was no effect.

【ERROR】【In order to change this configuration, you need a Realism Customization premium code.】


Erika let out a defeated sigh.

"Bah, casual! When ya get used to the pain, it's actually kinda fun!"

"Mini, are you maso? Mommy is worried~"

"W-who is maso, you crazy lesbo Titan!?"

Mina's shivers of disgust reached all the way to her real body.

Here goes nothing.

Erika gulped and slowly, veeeeery slowly, put the chocolate into her mouth.


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