Chapter 56: All Is Futile

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"Bah! So close!"

Mina was only a spectator to the back and forth between Erika and the Windflora King. Nonetheless, she got invested in this challenge and each of Erika's failures burned like a defeat of her own. The little fry which Erika fought before weren't interesting for Mina, but this formidable boss was exciting to destroy.

"Yeah, we were really close. Sorry about that."

After receiving so much help in her recent fight, Erika felt bad for blowing it. She got spot-on advice from Mina and she got help from Vivi. Even so, she lost.

"Hey, Titan! Let me borrow yo account! I'mma beat that dumbass for ya!"

"Didn't we agree that you won't play until your arm recovers?"

"Bah, c'mon! Just a little bit!"

"No. Besides, it's impossible to lend an account to someone else."

"Huuuh? What gives?"

"There's a system that prevents trading accounts."

Erika explained a random piece of trivia which she discovered amidst yesterday's research. In some games, mainly MMORPGs, there was the disturbing trend of players selling their high level accounts to others, for real cash. This trend became even popular with the growth of VR games, for such games allowed players to experience the ecstasy of strength with their own senses.

To fight this phenomena, many VR games scanned the player's brain and created some sort of hashcode out of it. This code was secretly validated whenever the player logged into the game. The system wasn't foolproof and there were hacks to outwit it. Still, it reduced account trading by a fair bit.

"Bah, them dumb scrubs."

Mina sulked and cursed the developers of the game.

"Then, lemme log in with my account! I'mma bust that flower in two seconds!"


Erika replied sharply. She didn't want to add fuel to the persistent Vireco which haunted Mina. Besides, as an RPG veteran, she wanted to overcome this challenge herself.

Once Erika respawned, she set out to fight the Windflora King again. To improve her chances, she strategized with Vivi ahead of time. Vivi didn't dare to get close to the Windflora King, in fear for her life. However, she could still support Erika from afar with powerful gusts.

The Windflora King was definitely injured on its previous clash with Erika, yet it was at full health right now. In many RPGs, mobs quickly regenerated when they were out of combat, especially bosses. Sadly, GoVe implemented with the same mechanic as well.

With the increased wisdom from her previous defeat, Erika challenged the Windflora King. She didn't have too many options at her disposal, so she relied on the Windflora to accidentally injure its own stem again. As sad as it was, the Windflora's own attacks seemed to be the most effective against it.

Erika ran toward the stem and tried to lure the Windflora into blasting its own structure. It was a great plan in theory, but it wasn't easy to pull off. Sadly, the Windflora wasn't a masochist who enjoyed nuking itself. She positioned herself in many different places beside the stem, but the Windflora rarely resorted to bombarding her at melee range. Instead, it bashed Erika with its huge head.

No matter how long Erika survived or how many times she slashed the Windflora King - it was all for naught. There was no hope of beating this vicious boss. Her only choice was to pass around the area somehow.

The next time the Windflora was kind enough to blast its own stem, Erika abandoned the idea of attacking it. Instead, she dash through the field while her enemy was staggered. Surprisingly, she managed reach a decent distance without being attacked.

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