Chapter 48: Drainer Bee

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Erika pressed forward along the unpaved road. Her progress was continuously stalled, as she rescued little blobs from the clutches of evil Waterfloras.

At one point, Erika's motherly efforts backfired. She successfully chased a Water Blob away from a Waterflora, only to lead it toward a Windflora which blasted the baby to shreds.

It was clear at that point. The Scumbag Flower Sect was bent on destroying everything that was dear to Erika. Mortified by the fact she led a blob to death, Erika delivered revenge onto a few Windfloras in order to repent.

As the road went on, a distant city was in sight. They were still about five minutes of walking away, but they steadily closed onto their destination: Zelin City.

The scenery undergone small changes as they progressed. Glittering puddles became more scarce, until there were none in sight. Instead, a new type of mob became part of the environment.

【Drainer Bee】

It was a big bee, about half the size of an adult's arm. It nimbly flew around, despite being so oversized.


Erika jerked at the sight of the giant insect. Bees were more "disturbing" than "disgusting" by the way she rated insects. Therefore, bees were normally "alright" as far as she was concerned. However, the huge size of the Drainer Bee took "disturbing" up to eleven.

The bee was cartoonified to look more round and less repelling. There was hair on the bee's upper body, which resembled a fur coat and nearly passed it off as "fluffy".

Nonetheless, the Drainer Bee wasn't eye pleasing and it certainly wasn't cute. It was somewhere out there in the uncanny valley, as its insect traits clashed horribly with other body parts. Especially, the paper-thin limbs were at odds with the otherwise chubby body.


Vivi exclaimed when she noticed the Drainer Bees in the field. She hid behind Erika and cautiously picked over the shoulder.

"My, what's wrong, Vivi? Are you scared of bees~?"

"S-scared!? H-hmph! Like, the great Vivi doesn't even know the meaning of 'scared'!"

Vivi pressed hands against her waist and stepped out into the open. However, she immediately changed her mind and hid behind her meat shield.

"Hmph! Like, these idiots are too lowly to be basked in the great Vivi's divine presence!"

Vivi put up on an iron face, but there was shaking emote beside her. She probably had a bad affinity with Drainer Bees and couldn't best them in combat.

The game must be hinting me to keep Vivi away from the bees.

Same as the rest of her cheeky personality, Vivi was very picky about combat choices. She stood neutral when Erika fought Windfloras, she greatly helped against Waterfloras and now she hid from Drainer Bees.

At first glance, these actions portrayed Vivi as a moody brat. However, Erika realized that, in fact, Vivi was smart and cautious. Vivi didn't engage in battles which could endanger her.

Blasting Waterfloras and Water Blobs was fun for Vivi, for she had complete dominance over these enemies. The same didn't apply for Windfloras, who could probably counter or withstand Vivi's deadly gusts. Therefore, Vivi avoided combat with them.

When she just started playing, Erika was disappointed by how little combat support Vivi provided. Now, after she better understood Vivi's reasoning and watched the pixie nearly drown to death - Erika was relieved. She preferred that Vivi stayed safe and sound, avoiding putting her life on the line.

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