Chapter 61: Gathering Bees

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The tragic story of Mercy still bothered Erika. As an RPG veteran, she felt incompetent for not considering the possibility of Mercy's revolt. She normally only tamed cute and lovely critters in games, the kind which she'd never bully. Openly attacking the same species as her familiars was an alien concept for her.

I need to stop thinking about it... I learned my lesson.

There were two important things which Erika learned from spending time with Mercy. First, she had the option to tame a Drainer Bee and it wasn't hard to do. Second, it was a bad idea to tame more than one bee by force.

With that in mind, she decided to start off by finishing her latest quest: 【Please exterminate these pests!】. She had to fight Drainer Bees in order to complete it, hence taming any bees beforehand was pointless; she'd only be betrayed again.

Erika and Blobby ran all over the area and many Drainer Bees were splashed. The hunting was a walk in the park. Drainer Bees offered next to no resistance after they were soaked in water. For a change, God Vessel Online felt like an easy game made for casuals.

As Erika found it mentally difficult to repeatedly strike down the pitiable bees, she allowed Blobby to deal the finishing blow to one of the bees. Though she hadn't attacked the bee directly, the quest still counted that kill as hers. It was a pleasant discovery.

From that point onward, she left all the fighting to Blobby and only followed him around like a doting mother.

Drainer Bees had two unique drops: Windflora Pollen and Waterflora Pollen. She had already received such drops before, but it always happened in stressful situations; she never had time to pay attention to them.

【Windflora Pollen】

【Pollen infused with the wind element. Loved by many insect species.】

The Waterflora Pollen was identical, save for its water element. Same as Windflora Seeds, this was another type of loot which had no practical use for Erika. However, it sounded like the type of food which could lure Drainer Bees.

After Erika killed enough bees for 【Please exterminate these pests!】, she switched gears and acted nice toward the bees. She called out a Drainer Bee and offered it to nom some pollen.


The bee rejoiced and happily chewed on the yellow powder. Unlike the cautious Water Blobs which Erika constantly tried to befriend, the bees were way more nonchalant. Whether they were more friendly or overly confident, that she couldn't say.

My, what a gluttonous bee.

Even after eating 3 Windflora Pollens, the Drainer Bee didn't express any interest in becoming Erika's familiar. The bee only chewed on pollen and waited to see whether Erika had more to offer.

I'm not running a charity here.

The Drainer Bee lived up to its name, draining Erika's inventory dry. The economical loss ticked her off and she eventually gave up on the whole charade. She asked Blobby to submit the fat bee by force.


"If you promise to land me a hand, then I'll spare you. What do you say?"

"Zuu... zuu!"

The bee turned its back to Erika and tried to flee. It awkwardly titled from side to side as it flew toward the forest.

I see. This approach doesn't have a 100% success rate. Alright then.

Erika didn't let this failure bother her. RPGs always involved a degree of randomness. It was nothing new.


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