Chapter 62: Opertaion Bee Swarm

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With the ability to inflict an aggro state on enemies, Erika now formulated a winning strategy against the Windflora King. Compared to ganging up on the boss and destroying it, the option of swimming around the danger zone no longer interested her as much.

Time to dethrone this king.

This plan had to work; it was the accumulation of everything Erika had learned until now. A Water Blob submitted a Drainer Bee, which in turn was going to defeat a Windflora. All the pieces fell into place.

"Drainy, turn the Windflora King into the enemy of all bees!"

Erika pointed at the road boss with a confident smirk.


Drainy approached the giant boss and coated the Windflora King with a yellow aura. The yellow substance spread across the king's long stem, until the big flower was covered whole. With this, the Windflora King became the enemy of the whole area.

Nearby Drainer Bees noticed this huge threat and began approaching the fighting zone. However, the Windflora King wasn't ignorant of the situation either.

Curses, this doesn't look good.

The Windflora King turned aggressive way before it was attacked. It didn't appreciate the yellow aura radiating from its body.


A fierce tornado blasted Drainy away. Even the elusive bees couldn't dodge such bombarding from point blank. Not to mention, Drainy was weakened after spreading the aggro state.

"Drainy, you can come back now. No need to keep fighting the enemy."


Drainy wobbled in Erika's direction, unable to balance himself. Instead of fleeing from the danger zone, the drunk bee made random circles in the air.

Sorry, Drainy.

Erika wanted to rescue the injured bee, but doing so would put her whole plan in danger. She couldn't sacrifice the "queen" for a mere "pawn", as heartless as it sounded. She had no choice but to pray that Drainy would sober up and escape from danger by his own power.

Five bees surrounded the Windflora's head. This was the most vulnerable spot to strike, these efficient assassins knew that well.

"Zuu! Zuu!"

The bees repeatedly stabbed the king's head. The Windflora rustled and trembled after suffering just a few injures. The bees' stabs were extremely effective, nothing like Erika's pitiful slashes with a knife.

The Windflora King didn't take the beating in silence. The boss mercilessly counterattacked with wild gusts. However, it was impossible kill all the bees at once. As long as the king was marked for execution, Drainer Bees kept assaulting.

The Windflora King was sturdy and could take a whole lot of punishment, but Drainer Bees had their own tricks. They were fragile in comparison, but their stingers drained vitality from the king. In a long battle of stamina, the bees weren't going to lose.

Even half-dead, bees kept swarming the boss. When some of them finally perished, new bees came to replace them. Erika's reinforcements were endless; she turned the whole area against the Windflora King!

Sadly, one dizzy bee stayed in the danger zone for too long. It didn't even have any power to assault the king in order drain energy. A huge blast slammed Drainy and smashed the poor bee into the ground.

【Drainy perished...】

The fallen bee dispersed into azure particles and vanished from existence.

Sorry... you were a good kid.

Though Drainy wasn't Erika's favorite, she felt horrible for sacrificing him. She had no intention of taming bees, but watching Drainy's valiant efforts changed her mind. She felt obligated to peacefully tame a Drainer Bee and raise it properly, instead of using it as a pawn. This waas the least she could do to honor Drainy's death.


The savage bees drove the Windflora King into a corner. The king trembled and staggered as it tried to aim its next nuke. Even when the king managed to kill some bees: new ones immediately replaced them. The king had no choice but to submit.

"Pwahaha! This is hilarious!"

Mina was amused by the absurd scene. For a beast, who only knew how to defeat enemies with her own two hands, a battle via a proxy was entertaining to watch. Of course, if it was her, then she'd still rather fight head-on.

"Ahaha! Watch all these idiots sacrifice themselves for the great Vivi!"

Vivi crossed her arms and lifted her chin. She saw herself as the queen of the whole war, with idiot soldiers charging to death for her sake. Erika? She was merely the queen's slave. Maybe the strategist, at best.

Refusing to give in, the Windflora King resorted to its final technique. The king swung its head and strongly bashed the bees with it. This final effort worked well against individual targets, but it had no chance to prevail against a swarm.

If I don't get at least one hit on the boss, then I'm not getting any rewards, do I?

Erika's hand itched to draw the Silver Knife. Even though she orchestrated this whole situation, surely the game wasn't going to recognize her efforts. In MMORPGs, unless in a party, only players who directly struck the enemy could be rewarded. Drainer Bees attacked the Windflora King thanks to Erika's manipulation, but they weren't her allies.

Her only chance to get any rewards from this battle was through her familiars. Drainy contacted the Windflora King when he applied the aggro state, but that wasn't a damaging ability. Besides, it was difficult to guess whether that interaction even counted now, considered that Drainy had permanently perished.

In the end, Erika didn't dare to take a single step forward. She conquered her greed and prioritized a safe victory.

The Windflora King was sucked dry and collapsed on the ground. Its huge body crumbled into many azure particles and dispersed in the air. The road ahead was now clear.

Finally, it's over. As I suspected, no rewards for me, huh.

Erika smiled wryly. Though the game system didn't recognize her great achievement, she still felt victorious.

"Wasn't it amazing, Vivi~?"

"Hmph. Like, it wasn't half bad how you played these idiots for fools. The great Vivi may as well praise you a little."

Vivi crossed her arms as always, but she wore a vivid smile. When the great Vivi couldn't find any insults to spare, it meant she was truly impressed.

With a clear horizon ahead, they continued their journey. Erika casually strolled along the earned road, savoring every step.

This is must be how great conquered felt when they stepped on their new territory.

Erika smiled from ear to ear, power surging through her with each step. The king was dethroned, leaving everything to the new queen. Nothing could stop her, nothing could oppose her.

Loot was the only thing missing here. The Windflora King surely dropped rare and valuable stuff.

I should return here later and fight it again, this time making sure to grab the loot.

Erika and Vivi crossed the area which was previously blocked by an invisible wall. With the road boss gone, the foggy wall was nowhere in sight either.

Since Erika didn't actively participate in the boss battle, the game didn't brand her as a "winner" against the Windflora King. If another king were to spawn, then it'd snipe Erika without thinking twice-


It was there! Another Windflora King spawned just now! In less than a minute!


Erika reached toward Vivi, trying to shield the pixie. A moment later, a vicious tornado shook the whole area.

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