Chapter 58: Blobby vs. Drainer Bees

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Maybe now other Water Blobs will understand me as well...!

Thrilled with the new skill she gained with Lv.3 [Communication], Erika approached the area with glittering puddles. Same as always, many Water Blobs climbed out of puddles, busily ran around and cutely tripped; it was a soothing scenery that Erika could never get enough of.

"Come here~ Don't worry, I won't harm you~"

Erika crouched in front of a Water Blob and carefully stretched a hand toward it.


The Water Blob stared at Erika with suspicion, yet it didn't flee. Before Lv.3, blobs immediately shot Erika in the face and dashed away. But, the Water Blob in front of her carefully analyzed the situation, without making rash judgments. The blob must have understood Erika's kind and motherly intentions, which didn't involve kidnapping at all~

"Don't worry, I don't bite~"

Erika slowly advanced and tried to pet the Water Blob.



The blob splashed Erika and darted away. It was a huge improvement compared to before Lv.3, but she still failed to tame the blob.

More similar attempts ended up in the same manner. The blobs were now less wary of Erika, but they still didn't seek her as their mother. Contrary to her hopes, Lv.3 [Communication] didn't seem to make it any easier to tame mobs into familiars.

"Blobby, please convince your little brothers to join us~"


Blobby was put down in front a puddle and stared at it. When a Water Blob crawled out of the water, Blobby approached it and tried to strike a conversation.



The Water Blob tilted its head, unable to understand Blobby's intentions. They both produced similar sounds, but it seemed like they couldn't properly communicate with each other. In the end, the Water Blob ran away, same as always.


Blobby hanged his head in disappointment. He probably didn't have the charisma and charm to woo other Water Blobs. He was just a little blob like them, hence they weren't interested in following him. If Blobby evolved into a magnificent sea dragon, then other Water Blobs would definitely realize how amazing he was and would become his lackeys.

"No need to feel bad, Blobby. Your time just hasn't come yet. Come to mommy~"


Blobby ran toward Erika and was caressed until he forgot about his earlier failure.

They continued along the unpaved road and approached the area with the Drainer Bees. Now, that Blobby could follow orders, it was much safer to let him attack Drainer Bees.

"Blobby, try shooting water at that bee."


Blobby ran toward a stray Drainer Bee. Erika made sure to stick nearby, in case her dear baby would be assaulted.


Blobby swung his chubby arms and sprayed water at the Drainer Bee. Surprisingly, the nimble bee couldn't dodge this attack.

"Zuuu... zuuu..."

The soaked bee wobbled from side to side in midair; the water attack was very effective. Blobby splashed the bee again.

"Zuu... zuu..."

The bee feel downwards and meekly hanged above ground level. It was a pitiful and easy target.

"It's alright, Blobby. I can handle things from here."

Erika stopped Blobby from shooting another round. There was the possibility that the next attack would fell the Drainer Bee. Erika wasn't sure whether a kill by a familiar would count toward her hunting quest.

She drew out her Silver Knife and aimed at the staggering bee. The bee struggled to keep itself floating, tilting from side to side as if about to collapse. Everything about it was helpless and pitiful.

... it's just an incest. Just... an insect. Besides, these bees attacked both Vivi and me.

Erika fortified her mind and raised the knife. No matter how weak the bee looked or how much it suffered, it didn't change the fact these bees were enemies.


The bee's round eyes weakly stared at Erika, asking for mercy. It made her hand tremble. She couldn't bring herself to deliver the killing blow.

It's not like she liked bees. It's not like the Drainer Bee's cartoonified look was particularly cute. If it were a PC game, Erika would have struck down this trembling insect at the first opportunity, without thinking twice.

But here, in a VR, she had to murder her enemy while looking into their suffering eyes. With her own hands, she had to bring an end to their existence.

"Hey, Titan! What's wrong? That fucker will run away! Finish him off!"

"Yes, I know that..."

Erika was a "player" and the Drainer Bee was a "mob". It was only natural for players to kill mobs. There was nothing to feel guilty about. It was all part of how RPGs worked.

... no, RPGs aren't only about combat.

It was something simple that Erika already knew. She even said that to Mina a few days ago. Without this mindset, could Erika ever get herself a cute baby like Blobby? Surely not. Even when fighting to the death seemed like the only available option, there was worth to exploring other alternatives.

"Listen, you."

Erika brought the knife closer to the bee and intimidated the shaking foe.

"I could easily end you right here, right now. I need about two slashes, that's all it'd take."


The bee cowered even more, perfectly understanding Erika's threat thanks the [Communication].

"If you don't want your life to end in such a pointless manner, then submit to me. If you choose to serve me, then I won't have to kill you."

Erika's voice was cold and merciless. This was neither a negotiation nor a suggestion; it was a threat. The shaking bee wholly understood that.


【NOTIFICATION】【A Drainer Bee would like to become your familiar.】

The bee looked at Erika with its round eyes, pleading to be spared.

"That's a smart bee. I accept your offer."

Erika acted all tough and scary. But, in truth, she was relieved. She didn't want to commit this lowly murder, which was on par with bullying. It was a bit of mercy that she was glad to express, even for an insect.

【Mercy became your familiar!】

With a new familiar under her command, Erika's options increased threefold. She ordered Blobby to heal Mercy and welcomed the bee into the group.

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