Chapter 11: Rune Selection

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"Heeeey! Atteeeention! Can you hear meeeee?"

Mina's voice was directly injected into Erika's consciousness.

"Ugh... yes, I hear you. You can stop shouting..."

"Okay! This shit works then!"

Even though Erika's eyes were closed, a login screen appeared in front of her. A virtual keyboard popped up and requested her to enter credentials or to sign up.

Erika easily set up a new account. She only had to connect it with "FluffyCuteling", the social network user which she used for other games.

"Pft, FluffyCuteling? Are ya for real?"

"It's a cute name~"

Erika ignored the objection and logged in. Next, she was asked to confirm her payment details. God Vessel Online was a pay-to-play game, with a free trial of two weeks.

Erika didn't have the means to pay for a subscription, so she accepted the trial. In these two weeks, Erika would have to deliver Mina to Trilz City.

【Please input your nickname】

"My, isn't a username enough?"

"That's how them NPCs will call ya."

"Huh, I see."

Non-Player Characters usually addressed the players by the handle name. However, in VR: all dialogues were voiced and conversations flowed like in real life. Bizarre handle names were a great recipe for silly and awkward conversations..

"What nickname did you pick? Something like 'Mini'?"

"Bah! As if! Just 'Mina', plain and straight!"

"Isn't using your real name a bad idea?"

"Who cares? It's not like I'm the only 'Mina' in the world"

"Hm, fair enough."

Erika also wasn't the only "Erika" in the world. Regardless, she didn't want to take the risk. As FluffyCuteling, she was often addressed as "Fluffy" or "FC" by other players.


She entered her nickname and proceeded to the next screen.

【Welcome to God Vessel Online. Your avatar will now be randomized.】

【If you have an Avatar Customization premium coupon, then please enter it now.】

"My, I need cash to customize my appearance? So cheap~"

"Who gives a crap? It's a first-person game anyway."

But my avatar must be a cute little girl!

Erika silently sobbed and continued to the next screen. She could already imagine herself spawning as an amazon.

【In this game, your primary abilities are determined by the runes you are infused with. Please select the rune you wish to be born with:】

Four rows appeared on the screen. Each row was decorated according to a different element and offered runes to choose from.

[Fire] [Power]

[Wind] [Speed]

[Water] [Communication]

[Earth] [Synthesis]

Other than watching RosemaryQueen's GoVe videos, Erika's knowledge about the game system was very poor. She decided to consult with Mina.

"I started with [Power], it's da shit! [Speed] is also rad, if ya can get the hang of it."

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