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Trapped in a Typical Idol Drama by glamourlips
Trapped in a Typical Idol Dramaby Dee
Associated Name: 经典款狗血世界 Ye Xi crossed over into a typical idol romance novel as the villainess. For the sake of her safety, she decided to distance herself from the mal...
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Let's Kill the Heroine! by luxuria_rebirth
Let's Kill the Heroine!by luxuria_indulgent
The world? Ha! Even hell and heaven fear her! Teufel was a notorious terrorist well-known for her ruthless nature. The government was already at its wits trying to catch...
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National School Prince is a Girl (Volume-1) by bella_kullai
National School Prince is a Girl ( bella_kullai
Other name: 国民校草是女生; 帝少心头宠:国民校草是女生 The School Prince is a Girl Author: Warring Young Seven; 战七少 Status: Ongoing Translator: Webnovel National School Prince Is A Girl su...
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ကျွန်တော့မိန်းမကကျွန်တော်သူ့ကိုမချစ်ဘူးလို့ပဲထင်နေတယ် (မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်) by K-Htet
ကျွန်တော့မိန်းမကကျွန်တော်သူ့ကိုမချ 张彩花
Original Name - My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him Original Author - 江心小舟(Jiāng Xīn Xiǎozhōu) Status - 70 Chapters (Complete) English Tran - You can read in htt...
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LAILA by NayrbevIggna
Menikah muda, Mungkin sebagian orang pasti sangat menyenangkan. Terlebih lagi jika sudah dengan persiapan yang matang. Tapi.. Apa jadinya saat kamu di paksa menikah bahk...
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Cherry Blossoms After Winter (MM Tran ) by Ppaing44
Cherry Blossoms After Winter (MM P'paing
Korean Webtoon Original artist: Bamwoo ငယ္​ငယ္​ကတည္​းက သိခဲ့ၾကၿပီး မိဘခ်င္​းလည္​းရင္​းႏွီးၾကတဲ့ Haebom နဲ႔ Taesung Haebom ရဲ႕ မိဘ​ေတြမ႐ွိ​ေတာ့တဲ့​ေနာက္​ Taesungအ​ေမရဲ႕​...
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I Swear, I Am Not A Cinderella |Book 2- The Fairytale Academy| by Angely_Suger
I Swear, I Am Not A Cinderella | Angely_Suger
|BOOK 2| Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella whose life is said to be ruined by her cruel step family, her step mother an...
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Reality Check (BoyxBoy) by TripleJxskittles
Reality Check (BoyxBoy)by TripleJ
I just smirked at the way they all looked down on me. The way they all try to trip me down and glare like they can kill me with one look. I could easily laugh their stup...
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You Are My BFF  by EiThawTar
You Are My BFF by ဂေးနေလိုက်
Author _ Beimuyo Status _ Ongoing Weekly update in Webcomic * Two Best Friends secretly have a crash on each other * How they became a couple...? I don't own this story...
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"HE'S MINE!" by Ruimare-Chan
"Because I'm no one..." I answered to the beautiful girl before me as she angered face ruined her cute facial. Compare to her I was only a mere duckling and sh...
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Falling For My Bully (Zuko x Chubby!Reader) by MochiPie97
Falling For My Bully (Zuko x JiminsMochi
He held you close to him as you tried to get away. The more you wanted to be free, the harder he clung to you. "Just let me go!" "No. I won't ever let y...
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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu by Tsu2Na7
Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Tsu2Na7
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY Original Author: Tachimori Asahi Translator: Nakimushi I'm a very ordinary girl who had no interest in otome games, but was suddenly sucked into...
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The Villainess Wants to Avoid Drama by born2beme
The Villainess Wants to Avoid Dramaby 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Meet Paige an antisocial bookworm. When Paige dies falling off a ladder in the library to get her favorite novel, she suddenly finds herself in the story as Anna Staffor...
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🎈💓MUFL's Love Story💓🎈Zaw Gyi And Unicode  by BBHTZN
🎈💓MUFL's Love Story💓🎈Zaw Gyi HTZN
ေယာက်ာ္းေလးတစ္ေယာက္က ေယာက်္ားေလးတစ္ေယာက္ကိုခ်စ္တဲ့အခ်စ္ကဘယ္လိုမ်ိဳးလဲ~~~~~~ဘယ္သူကေတြးမိမွာလဲဗ်ာ..ကၽြန္ေတာ္ခ်စ္မိသြားတာ ေကာင္ေလးတစ္ေယာက္လို႔♡♡♡♡ Romance 🙊 Sweet_BL 🙈 Fu...
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Three Lifetimes *completed* by Alzzeid
Three Lifetimes *completed*by Kerbasi
Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down to the mortal realm as he takes on his th...
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The Exchange Student (BxB) by BxBsAreMyThing
The Exchange Student (BxB)by BxBsAreMyThing
A story about a quiet, brooding, romance/love-hating, gang affiliated student who is scheduled to take in an-at first glance-innocent, soft-hearted, bubbly, and gentle R...
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Can I Touch Your Aura of Fortune? by PuppyLover785
Can I Touch Your Aura of Fortune?by Bella the dog
For Offline Purposes Only Credits to the Author and Translator(s) Description Lin Cha enjoyed all good luck in life before the age of sixteen. Her father was rich, her m...
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Love Dependency Disease by Shinmei_Sekai
Love Dependency Diseaseby Master Shin
Other name: 恋爱依存症 Author: 杂音未来 Status: Ongoing Translator: Random TLs Author Synopsis: Love dependency disease: I have a special body condition which will naturally attr...
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