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THE RELIC GUILD (and other stories) Updated regularly.  by Edward_Cox
THE RELIC GUILD (and other Edward Cox
Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us. The Relic Guild is the award nominated first book in The Relic Guild trilogy. It was said the Labyrinth had...
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Fall of the Terran Empire - Traci Ganner series book 1 by grandmobiusbrian
Fall of the Terran Empire - grandmobiusbrian
Resisting the cruel, conquering machine of the mighty Terran Empire, the Orion Star Cluster locks its fledgling navy in combat with one of the most brilliant Terran admi...
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Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai by TheLegacyCycle
Dark Legacy: The End of the Kaiby Domenico Italo Composto-Hart
Wattpad Story Rankings Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai || #1 || Science Fiction on April 28, 2019 Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai || #4 || Fantasy on June 5, 2019 The...
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Silent Eden by BrandyKFeltmate
Silent Edenby Brandy K. Feltmate
Born into slavery as nothing better than a Subhuman, unable to speak, unable to read or write and unallowed to learn such things, she works hard for her master, the Divi...
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Saurian Chronicles #1 ✔ [Complete] by Robotic_Crafter
Saurian Chronicles #1 ✔ [Complete]by Robotic_Crafter
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Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity by TheLegacyCycle
Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinityby Domenico Italo Composto-Hart
Wattpad Story Rankings Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity || #6 || Science Fiction on April 12, 2019 Dark Legacy: Book I - Trinity || #11 || Fantasy on April 12, 2019 Dark...
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The Ship of the Unforgotten by GordMcLeod
The Ship of the Unforgottenby Gordon S. McLeod
The crew of the colony starship UTS Rose Dawn awaken after centuries in cryo-sleep to discover that most of their number died during the voyage. To make matters worse, o...
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Alien X by Mandi_Pie
Alien Xby Mandi_Pie
Under extreme updating __________ Arina lives in a different world. A world owned by aliens, but not the ones you know. They’re human, except for silver hair and eyes. B...
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Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam Trilogy, #1) by MargaretAtwood
Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam Margaret Atwood
This is Margaret Atwood at the absolute peak of her powers. For readers of "Oryx and Crake," nothing will ever look the same again. The narrator of Atwood's ri...
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1 | Ipseity by hcwilhelm
1 | Ipseityby heather
[WATTPAD PICKS] The last thing you'd imagine Earth's General having is an identity crisis, let alone in the middle of an interstellar war, but for General Avalyn Concert...
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Winter Rose by Scarletletterheart
Winter Roseby A.M. HIGHT
"We all have good and bad inside of us. It's what side we chose to follow that defines who we really are." -J.K. Rowling. A girl, two dogs, and one gallant s...
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Metal and Flesh (The Rohvim, Book 1) by endiwebb
Metal and Flesh (The Rohvim, Nick Webb
Aeden Rossam: 17, son of a nobleman, expert swordsman, spoiled, let's face it: he's a punk. Betha Solvinstra: 18, common shopkeeper's daughter, rising star in the Socie...
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"Rock the Cradle" by fjhansen
"Rock the Cradle"by F. J. Hansen
The UES Discovery, under Captain Jonathan March, is pulled into a region of space in which a dozen ships have disappeared over the previous century. Thrown nearly 400 mi...
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Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run - Book 1) by JAMarlow
Night of the Aurora (Salmon J.A. Marlow
When Hawk and Zach Callahan arrive to start a new life in the wilds of Alaska they find the first challenge is just getting to the small town of Salmon Run. But, Alaska...
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Star Pressed by thejeffnorton
Star Pressedby Jeff Norton
When orphaned siblings Andra and Grunge are abducted from the landfill site they call home, they are pressed into service on the HMS Ghandi with three teenage aliens whe...
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Subject 15 by Calvin_Blake
Subject 15by Calvin Blake
As a runaway subject of a hidden government project, Seth Skylar lives in constant fear of being hunted and returned to the cursed Lab that gave him his terrible power...
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One Way Ticket by innerfish
One Way Ticketby Will Webb
Eighteen year old Piper is one of four selected to colonize Mars. Facing a seven month, one-way flight, her crewmates discover that pregnancy in space is possible. Locke...
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Cytus by SykoBunni
Cytusby Rezumi
In the distant future, the only existing beings in the world are robots. They are the last remains of the human spirit. However, mankind is not dead. Technology exists...
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Short Stories by BunniesBabe
Short Storiesby Diana
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Alien Hunters by DArenson
Alien Huntersby Daniel Arenson
Got trouble with aliens? Call the Alien Hunters. A group of scruffy mercenaries, the Alien Hunters travel the galaxy in their starship, a mechanical dragon that spits ou...