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CONQUEST: The Dungeon Core Gambit Book One (COMPLETE) by Puppychownyc
CONQUEST: The Dungeon Core Puppychownyc
[06/15/18 UPDATE: The entire Book One has been posted on Wattpad and will remain online until the end of June. Afterward, the book will be officially published on Amazo...
  • conspiracy
  • reincarnation
  • betrayal
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This is the Wrong World! by esliesma
This is the Wrong World!by Esli E.S.M.A
It's not Izo's fault that she was born with a face that screams arrogance and villainy! Okay, maybe, she should have controlled her temper and not called the Goddess, a...
  • adventure
  • chicklit
  • revenge
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New Pangea by Wolfmanic
New Pangeaby C.L. Simmons
Malcolm wakes up in another world, a world far different from his own. In this new world magic is real, dragons roam the sky, and the gods are a lot more entangled with...
  • dark
  • litrpg
  • dragons
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MetaWars: Fight For The Future by thejeffnorton
MetaWars: Fight For The Futureby Jeff Norton
In the near future, two teens are swept up in the battle for the internet. A fast-paced thriller about the consequences of the choices we make. Jonah Delacroix can't...
  • thriller
  • sci-fi
  • teen
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MMOA - 'A' For Apocalypse by KobayashiCraig
MMOA - 'A' For Apocalypseby Craig Kobayashi
Full dive systems can suck it, this is the real thing. Though the cause is still merely speculation, on July 14th, 2020 a mysterious and global event irrevocably changed...
  • richter
  • gnomesrule
  • mmorpg
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Mirror Mirror by ObsidianOccult
Mirror Mirrorby Sullivan
Sometimes you should really, really read the fine print. At least, that's what IV has come to understand. Journey with them in a world where nothing make sense, and al...
  • horror
  • original
  • fantasy
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Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story by DarkClaymore
Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Storyby DarkClaymore
Follow Yuel and Lars, a chess prodigy and a basketball ace, as they form a duo of Support & Carry and aim for Classmancers' pro scene! Classmancers is a Multiplayer Onli...
  • lightnovel
  • tactics
  • litrpg
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Li've by mountainlion2
Li'veby mountainlion2
Best rank in Adventure #160. Kita escapes imprisonment with the help of Snowy and the shadowy Djinn Collector. Striking a deal with Collector, Kita agrees to help Collec...
  • lesbian
  • assassin
  • fantasy
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Faceless Phantom by Lichuel
Faceless Phantomby Lichuel
A man had given up his real life. He was one of many NEETs who wished to change their life. A new popular virtual reality game, Heallance, was released. He intended to b...
  • vrmmorpg
  • virtualreality
  • faceless
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ELDRITCH NIGHT by hammbody
Eldritch horrors descend from the sky to consume the world. Only a last-minute intervention by a mysterious Hegemony of Worlds saves Earth, albeit temporarily. Skills, l...
  • apocalypse
  • scifi
  • horror
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Re:Demon by Masterfoxify
Re:Demonby Masterfoxify
"I am sorry to say this, but you are dead." After a short discussion with God, the man awakens to find himself spirited away to another world and robbed of his...
  • male-lead
  • resurrection
  • adventure
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[Slow Updates] Above The Heavens I Stand by XiaoTianBao
[Slow Updates] Above The Heavens XiaoTianBaozi
Killed in a car accident, she, a young teen reincarnates in another world - the world of cultivation - as a male! Reincarnated with memories of his past life, he begins...
  • powerfulmaster
  • martialarts
  • bloodline
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The Pioneers: Freecounter by ewspy87
The Pioneers: Freecounterby PATRICK C DAVIS
Peter Kelly lives in a dystopian future where it is better to live in the virtual world than the real world. The problem is that the virtual world has problems too. He g...
  • gaming
  • litrpg
  • sci-fi
More Than A Game (Epic LitRPG adventure) by fayroll
More Than A Game (Epic LitRPG Andrey Vasiliev
Harriton Nikiforov, journalist, cynic, and binge-drinker must enter the world of Fayroll in the assignment of a lifetime to discover the game taking society by storm. Fa...
  • mmorpg
  • funny
  • quest
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CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG (Book One: Duelist) by Puppychownyc
CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Puppychownyc
[Note: This first book has been completed and is available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.] Meet Lawrence Eugene Mulligan, a fantasy writer by day and avid PC gam...
  • humor
  • catgirl
  • fantasy
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Hacked - Incipere Online Book Two by RJ_Triveri
Hacked - Incipere Online Book Twoby RJ_Triveri
Five months have passed since the Expansion of Incipere, and the world is still compiling as it always had. Things couldn't be better for some. Dante Rior and River Hex...
  • incipere
  • ái
  • expansion
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Enchant Gunner: Bullets and Magic by Gomi_Sakka
Enchant Gunner: Bullets and Magicby Trash Author
Year 2048, the current World War, or is known by the general public as the Great World War is still ongoing for over 10 years now and is almost reaching its peak. The so...
  • war
  • parallelworld
  • harem
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God Seed Saga Book 1: Awakening a LitRPG Novel by Bid325
God Seed Saga Book 1: Awakening Bid325
Don is just normal guy living a normal life. He worries about bills, plays with his dogs, work, school, the usual. That doesn't last long however as a sentient life form...
  • mmo
  • litrpg
  • scifi
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Apotheosis - Book One: Delving Deep by RJ_Triveri
Apotheosis - Book One: Delving Deepby RJ_Triveri
All across the world of Aspira, there are three constants: first, access to dungeons meant having access to power. Second, having power meant that something could get do...
  • apotheosis
  • litrpg
  • triveri
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Arashia: A LitRPG Story by Sahara_Airen
Arashia: A LitRPG Storyby Sahara Airen
Laurie Deveraux thought her idiot family tossed her into a virtual reality game because they are stupid that way. Except it wasn't a game. Instead, she end up in a wor...
  • fantasy
  • litrpg
  • vrmmo