Extrasensory Perception System (EsPerS) by S0ngweaver
Extrasensory Perception System ( S0ngWeaver
Year 2050, after a couple of astrological phenomena that just by coincidence happened at the same time, the world changed completely. The phenomena generated a very spe...
  • litrpg
  • smartprotragonist
  • romance
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The Inheritance System by iHateMilks
The Inheritance Systemby iHateMilks
Synopsis ---------- I got mad at God because I thought he made my life terrible on purpose. I cursed at him everyday until I died, and when I did, I met him and, he was...
  • drama
  • law
  • litrpg
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The MMO Apocalypse (Litrpg) by KobayashiCraig
The MMO Apocalypse (Litrpg)by Craig Kobayashi
Virtual reality systems can suck it, this is the real thing. Though the cause is still merely speculation, on July 14th, 2020 a mysterious and global event irrevocably...
  • science-
  • mmorpg
  • hero
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Gamer of the Dead by batotit
Gamer of the Deadby batotit
Zombie Apocalypse meets the Gamer. to make it a bit different, I decided to create a new kind of zombie with its own rules. hopefully, the zombie will become more danger...
  • mmo
  • gamer
  • unrequited
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FantaSci Online (REWRITING) by SeraphRDGZ
FantaSci Online (REWRITING)by SeraphRDGZ
Shane Ryuji, username "Shujin", logged out of VR for the the last time over two years ago. Despite countless invites from his old Japanese high school friends...
  • sciencefiction
  • fantasyadventure
  • swordartonline
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Realm of The Forgotten Gods by Wolfmanic
Realm of The Forgotten Godsby C.L. Simmons
Malcolm wakes up in another world, a world far different from his own. In this new world magic is real, dragons roam the sky, and the gods are a lot more entangled with...
  • litrpg
  • vrmmorpg
  • epicfantasy
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Eliona's Gate: Hesitant Healer by KurokageJS
Eliona's Gate: Hesitant Healerby Alex J Wynter
In which a introverted healer learns to deal with the greatest horrors of his life - socializing, dungeons, and psychopathic NPCs. *** Games have been his escape from r...
  • funny
  • nano2018
  • mmorpg
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Oppai Loli Gunslinger by MarketHero259
Oppai Loli Gunslingerby MarketHero259
A Loli Named Mint is a gunslinger in a fantasy world where with her skills she will become stronger to rank up in her guild. (Diffrent guild ranks) E rank(Lowest) B rank...
  • status
  • game
  • gameelements
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[OLN] - [VRMMO Game] : The Dominator - Emperor Of World by hugihuti
[OLN] - [VRMMO Game] : The James Kirk
Năm 2085, K Thomas và Elder Jones, đồng sáng lập tập đoàn SIDE, đã công bố dự án trò chơi thực tế ảo có tên là The Dominator - Emperor Of World với tỉ lệ thực tế đạt tố...
  • original
  • legendary
  • action
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ALTERLIFE - Chapter ONE - Bullets and Balls by Matt_Moss
ALTERLIFE - Chapter ONE - Matt_Moss
ALTERLIFE is likened to BREAKING BAD meets READY PLAYER ONE. John Crussel would do anything to provide for his family... even rob a bank. But when he hears of how he can...
  • sciencefiction
  • rpggame
  • alterlife
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Defeat of the Realm of Chaos (Realm of Order Online LitRPG Part #2) by MaxMHope
Defeat of the Realm of Chaos ( Max M. Hope
The Realm of Chaos has returned. The Second War of the Two Realms has begun. Which side will stand victorious? And which side will fall? Marty, Kelly, and Jonas receive...
  • videogame
  • scifi-fantasy
  • teenagers
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Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Order Online LitRPG Part #1) by MaxMHope
Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Max M. Hope
Marty Rider is a boy who lives on the planet Elysium, the first colony of Earth. On Elysium, most of the people plays this VRMMORPG named Realm of Order Online, which is...
  • action
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
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DCO- Dungeon Core Online by JSmidt
DCO- Dungeon Core Onlineby JSmidt
This story is originally posted, and regularly updated by me on Royal Road. I will be uploading here as I have time. This is my NaNo project James hates his real life. H...
  • gamelit
  • adventure
  • wip
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Dragons Seekers - A lenda dos irmãos Di Vallioni by VictorDueti
Dragons Seekers - A lenda dos irmã João Dueti
Dragons Seekers conta a história dos irmãos Di Vallioni e a lenda que construiram no mundo do famoso VRMMORPG 'Imagine World Online' ou Imagine Online. Ela passa durante...
  • rpg
  • batalhas
  • guerra
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Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story by DarkClaymore
Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Storyby DarkClaymore
Yuel's life changes when Classmancers rolls into his life, a MOBA video game that's growing into an official sport. Even with the fitness of a slug, he can finally enjoy...
  • lightnovel
  • schoollife
  • comedy
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Eaten By A Slime?! by NomNomPlume
Eaten By A Slime?!by Nom Nom Plume
While picking medicinal materials in the forest, Eri was suddenly devoured by a slime. When she woke up, the slime turned into a man! He's claiming to be her husband?? T...
  • adventurer
  • lirpg
  • shoujo
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Yellow Springs Elrich Saga Book One by BrandiMcClure
Yellow Springs Elrich Saga Book Oneby Brandi McClure
A young college student gets killed and accidentally saves the world. As thanks a group of gods decide to give him a second life. They send him to Elrich, a world with m...
  • litrpg
  • comedy
  • romance
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Re: Kotori by Ackarion
Re: Kotoriby Ackarion
Anami Kotori was in the midst of doing his usual daily tasks; dragging himself from the grasp of his bed, and then partaking in the boredom known as work for the sake of...
  • anti-herolead
  • reincarnation
  • magic
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Сыворотка лжи by DmiriDibenko
Сыворотка лжиby Dmiri Dibenko
В очередной раз будучи избитым родственником, Гарри получает странные способности, предварительно умерев. Ему предстоит пройти сквозь паутину лжи, окружающую его, и узна...
  • литрпг
  • harrypotter
  • fanfiction
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Survival Quest (LitRPG series The Way of the Shaman: Book #1) by V. Mahanenko by Magic_Dome_Books
Survival Quest (LitRPG series Magic_Dome_Books
Barliona. A virtual world jam-packed with monsters, battles - and predictably, players. Millions of them come to Barliona, looking forward to the things they can't get i...
  • cyberpunk
  • mmorpg
  • vr
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