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There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns by JemCraft
There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Jenesis Gomez
By stewart92 I DO NOT own this book. I am reposting the free chapters with permission from the author. She became a dungeon core. Everything pointed Delta to murdering...
Lucifer's Descendant System  by _I_KoffiPie_
Lucifer's Descendant System by _I_KoffiPie_
[ BOOK STATUS: ] [ RANDOM UPDATES ] At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength an...
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 1] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [ Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
The Inadequate Summoned Hero by IAMPurplez
The Inadequate Summoned Heroby IAMPurplez
Charles Jacobs was a senior in high school when him and his class were summoned as heroes to another world. After his stats were taken and he was murdered, he gets resur...
The Alchemist at Hell's Gates by Wordsmith-Rain
The Alchemist at Hell's Gatesby Wordsmith Rain
The Alchemist is considered the most useless of all the 5 classes offered in the Virtual World of 'Hell's Gates'(Warrior, Archer, Mage, Cleric, and Alchemist). Having li...
Chatting Through the Multiverse by Mhiktur
Chatting Through the Multiverseby Mhiktur_Moody
*Cover WIP* Izuku Midoriya thought he was crazy at first. When he was four years old, he woke up to find a square of light hovering in the air before his eyes. Naturally...
Black Wing by tofu_moon
Black Wingby tofu
Raven. In a world of fantasy, where magic and sword reign supreme, a girl is reborn. Not as a hero, a villain, or even a common mob. She was reborn as a dumb bird. Now d...
I Became a Barista in Another World! Volume 1: New Beginnings [Completed] by KinAkira1996
I Became a Barista in Another Akira Kin
A man on a mission to conquer the world...of coffee! Ryu, a 20-year-old shut-in working a dead-end job as a barista, dreams of a lavish lifestyle being waited on hand an...
When Last Night Didn't End by Exequinne
When Last Night Didn't Endby •cae•
It's Rin and Hye-jin against the world. Or so it should have been. Nagara Rin and Joon Hye-jin, college sweethearts and passionate gamers, have lived a fairytale marriag...
A Different Level System (Percy Jackson Fanfic) by AmateurStoryCreator
A Different Level System (Percy AmateurStoryCreator
What would Happen when a creation that Hephaestus god of the forge created long ago but was thought to have failed and thus left to gather dust, falls into the hands of...
Isekai PH: That time the Philippines got Isekai'ed by Goblin-kun
Isekai PH: That time the Goblin kun
The Philippines got Isekai'd. Confusion marred his brain as Isao struggled to understand the gravity of this situation. A whole country... transferred to another world...
Stranded Coffee Shop In Other World As Place To Share Thoughts by rezaareal
Stranded Coffee Shop In Other Yakusu
I finally opened my coffee shop, but suddenly my shop was stranded to a big tree in a fantasy world, where in this world, I still tried to open my shop, and made me met...
The Eraquest by Soothsayer_99
The Eraquestby Soothsayer_99
In the distant future, Humankind has just barely survived extinction thanks to the 7 Heroes. It is the birth of a New World! However, there was a big price to pay, huma...
The World Which Is by SyStPierre
The World Which Isby The Tiger Writes
Dennis is days away from turning sixteen and picking his class, but it's not the joyful time it should be as his father used his contacts to limit the selection to those...
Return to Jorgaldur Volume III: blood warrior by lls_sll
Return to Jorgaldur Volume III: lls_sll
After an abrupt and unfortunate death, she finds herself in the MMORPG that had just closed, in which she had invested many hours, and was considered one of the best pla...
Hilt by ChrisLeeHill
Aubrey's best friend Max has vanished. As if life wasn't hard enough being homeschooled online with VR glasses to avoid catching the Tro-virus - a disease that has spre...
Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG) by HyperAlphaKing
Gemstone Goblins (LitRPG)by HyperAlphaKing
Gild Domov found no solace in death's embrace. The promised, eternal repose was merely the herald of his greater purpose. His soul, destined for the afterlife, was force...
VR Resident by DozyJov
VR Residentby Johaiver
[]Now Completed![] A virtual reality game full of battlecrazed players is not scary. Not unless getting killed inside the game means dying for real. Ackey Teal wakes up...
Eden of the Eclipse by LotsChrono
Eden of the Eclipseby LotsChrono
In the game world of Eclipse where the antics of the players, the developers, and the NPCs abound, Lucy Heartfelt has the dream of leaving her mark upon it. A childish i...
Mysterious Minstrel by justinmingyi
Mysterious Minstrelby justin
Josiah Li lives in a flooded world, where global warming has taken its toll and technology is intertwined in every aspect of daily life. To pass the time in between virt...
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