Chapter 60: Beetrayal

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The more Erika analyzed Mercy's efficiency against Windfloras and Waterfloras, the clearer she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the end, no matter how big it is, the Windflora King is just another flower. It just might be possible for Mercy to take on this monster. Or am I too optimistic...?

Mercy's "flower assassination" skills were top-notch, there was no doubt about it. However, he only ever murdered normal flowers. They were small and frail compared to the huge road boss. It wasn't likely that Mercy could wipe out the Windflora King as easily

In truth, even against normal flowers, Mercy hadn't always delivered an instant K.O. Sometimes, he needed one or two extra stabs to seal the deal. On these rare occasions, enemy flowers managed to retaliate against him. Luckily, their counterattacks were short-lived and didn't faze the nimble bee.

Same as these scenarios, Mercy certainly needed to deliver a couple of strikes in order to kill the Windflora King. Therein lay the question: could Mercy survive the boss's nuke attacks? These tornado shots were in a whole different league compared to the attacks of ordinary flowers.

Right now, there was only one thing the RPG veteran felt confident about: Drainer Bees must had been the Windflora King's weakness. Draner Bees could one-shot a normal Windfloras, hence their attacks had to deal severe damage to the king as well.

Huhu, one bee may not be enough. Then, how about five? Or ten?

Erika smirked as she eyed Blobby. The little water baby was her trusty negotiation tool against Drainer Bees. Nothing stopped Erika from assaulting a few more bees and forcing them to cooperate with her. With an army of bees - the Windflroa King would be overthrown.

"Blobby, please attack this bee."


Blobby complied without thinking twice. In fact, he seemed very eager to splash bees. For the better or the worse, bullying bees was his second nature as a Water Blob.


Blobby waved his tiny arms and shot a wave of water at an unsuspecting bee. The attack flawlessly connected and soaked the bee.


The bullied bee staggered in midair and began descending toward the ground. Blobby made sure to splash it a few more times, to utterly submit it. Everything went according to plan, until Vivi's yell changed everything.

"Watch out, you idiot!"

"Eh...? Agh! ACK!"

Erika was pierced in the neck. The attacker was none other than... Mercy.

【Mercy is no longer your familiar.】


Erika was frozen with a dumb face. Her eyes shifted back and forth between the enraged bee and the sudden announcement. Nothing indicated what brought upon this sudden betrayal.


Mercy thrust his stringer again from point blank. There was no time to dodge. No chance to block. Erika didn't even have the leisure to figure out the situation.

Luckily, Vivi interviewed.


Mercy was kicked away by a gust of wind. However, as any self-respecting Drainer Bee, he was resistant to the wind attack and quickly recovered.

"Like, I knew we can't trust these vermin!"

Vivi's body overflowed with swirling winds. She darted toward Mercy and kicked him in the face. The attack connected, but it wasn't nearly enough to wipe out the bee.

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