Chapter 53: VR Sunday

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On Sundays, Erika usually hanged out with girls from class. She secretly wanted to spend the her weekends playing Verdandi Blade Online, but she had to barricade herself in her room for that. Needless to say, that'd look a tad suspicious, especially when her parents were at home the whole time.

However, on this Sunday, Erika could safely decline of her friends' offers. She now had the opportunity to play games outside her room, under the cover of helping a fellow student with studies. She woke up early and prepared to leave for Mina's house.

"Good morning, mom."

"Good morning... Eri..."

It was a rare sight. Laura, who normally looked sharp and alert, roamed around like a zombie. This was the way Laura's mornings usually went, until she consumed her daily drug: black coffee. One Sundays, when Laura woke up later than usual, Erika got to see such distributing scenes.

Normally, more than 50% of the human body was made out of water. However, Laura must have been an exception to this rule.The liquid that flowed through her veins wasn't not water; it was coffee.

"Lau, didn't we agree you'll cut down on the caffeine?"

Reidel scolded his wife. It was funny, as he was also sitting with a cup of coffee beside him.

"Yeah... yes... I'm working on that..."

Laura's brain was too numb to process anything at the moment. She dropped on the sofa and injected the caffeine drug into her body. Reidel frowned, but let the subject to slide.

"Hah. Eri, make sure you don't rely on caffeine like your mom when you grow up,"

"Of course, dad."

Erika nodded with a smile, eying the big coffee cup on her dad's couch.His words were very convincing, especially since he proceeded to intake the exact same drug right after shooting the warning. Erika had to fight the surging urge to laugh, giggling internally.

It was a normal Sunday morning, there was nothing out of place. Just by looking at this scene, nobody could possibly guess that, for Erika, this Sunday was very unusual. After all, she was going to spend the whole day playing VR..

Just the other week, such a scenario would have sounded like fiction to her. She was allowed to read about VR games on the internet, but never to own or play any. Nonetheless, by the whims of fate, her world flipped on its head. Now, she was spending every day inside VR; it was an absurd switch.

To not raise any additional suspicion, Erika pretend she was going to hang out with classmates today. That was the usual Sunday routine and nobody questioned her.

If I'm staying at Mini's place for the whole day, then it means I'll be having lunch and dinner there as well. This doesn't sound fun...

Eating nothing but instant noodles for the whole day wasn't particularly appealing for Erika, and neither was it healthy for Mina. Pizza was a potential upgrade, but it was nonetheless junk food. Therefore, Erika requested two takeout lunches from the SmartCook. Her parents allowed her to stay out late on Sundays, so she also grabbed two dinner packages, for herself and Mina.

"I'll be going out."

Erika plainly left the house with this announcement, just like any other Sunday. Her mother told her to be careful, just like any other Sunday, Yet, today her destination was completely different than any other Sunday.

Once Erika reached Mina's apartment, she couldn't stop herself from facepalming her brains out.

Good grief...

Mina's door was unlocked. Again. Erika strode inside with the intention to scold the forgetful little beastie.

"Oh, Titan! What's up?"

Mina dashed through the corridor like an excited puppy. When the little brat smiled so cheerfully and innocently, Erika lost any will to scold her. Instead, Erika rubbed the midget's head and let Mina off the hook.

I guess she can be a cute kid when she wants to.

Same as yesterday, Mina didn't immediately reject Erika's rubbing hand. Erika was yet again allowed to pet the little beastie's messy hair, until she abused the petting corner for too long and was dodged.

"I brought two lunches for us. Living on instant noodles isn't healthy for your little tummy~"

"Oh! Real food!"

Mina was deeply moved by the prestige lunch boxes. They contained plain rice and chicken, but for Mina they were on par with the feasts of gods. Of course, they still had a long way to go before reaching the super divine realm of pizza.

Erika stored all the boxes in Mina's refrigerator and moved on to the main business.

"Hey, Titan. Did ya find a way to beat dat fatass flower?"

"There are many ways to go about it. I don't really need to fight that gigantic monster."

"If ya can't beat it, then I can help!"

Mina grinned, eager to play God Vessel Online again. Alas, her offer was shot down.

"Nope. No GoVe for you until you fully recover from Vireco. Speaking of which, how is your arm doing? Still no good?"

"Bah, it kinda moves... but not really."

Mina properly swung her arm back and forth, but it didn't seem like she could freely bend her fingers. She still had a way to go before she could be truly considered "alright".

This is one persistent Vireco. Maybe I should have dragged her to the clinic on the very first day.

Based on what Erika learned from her father, this sort of Vireco was unlikely to injure Mina. However, after the paralysis has persisted for this long, nothing was impossible anymore.

Classmates often joked that when something involved Mina, then anything was possible. Even if it was unlikely or absurd - it didn't matter; nothing could be ruled out. Erika used to ridicule these jokes and even disregard them as soft bullying, yet she joined the same circle without noticing.

In case the Vireco wouldn't lift up in two days, Erika promised herself that she'd drag Mina to the clinic. Though, for now, she had to focus on her own share of trouble: the vicious Windflora King.

【God Vessel Online】

【Please wait for your awakening...】


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