I Tried To Change Him (Under Major Editing)

I Tried To Change Him (Under Major Editing)

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He starts laughing "I bet no one could make me into a better Muslim even if they taught me for a year." 
 "Deal! I will teach you for a year!" Azmina says.

When Azmina agrees to teach the muslim bad boy Zaid, she doesn't know what she is getting into. 

Azmina is a hijabi who trys to follow the path but can stray off from time to time. She loves teaching about islam and islam itself. She will teach anyone who needs it, no matter what it wrong with them.  

Zaid becomes worse when someone trys to him make him a better muslim. His sister, Nadia has tried everything and everyone has given up. Except Azmina that is. 

Does Azmina have patience to change him?

Then comes Amir, the handsome, rich, man who is on top of his deen. Every woman wants him but he chooses Azmina and she accepts. They fall in love with each other easily. 
Zaid hates Amir but no one knows why. They were best friends and cousins but now they will never talk. Amir himself doesn't even know why.

Will Zaid be able to learn about Islam and become a better muslim?

Will Zaid be able to stop Azmina from getting married to Amir?

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pandalover5321 pandalover5321 Apr 28, 2017
Lol everyone started screaming😂😂 I would've thrown a pencil
Maryampema Maryampema Nov 27, 2016
Nice story. You just need to put more effort in your vocabulary and spelling. May Allah help you. ❤
BouchraTouaz BouchraTouaz Oct 05, 2016
Nice start , this story attracted my attention so I'm gonna carry on the reading .
lovleyrose2 lovleyrose2 Dec 12, 2015
Assalamualaikum check out my 3 stories; Into the depth of the ocean, My journey into the unknown,  Rainbow within the dark
- - Nov 22, 2015
Awww, may our Ummah have more people like this in it inshallah!
srkbae srkbae Oct 31, 2015
Ohh wait nvm haha I found out...but since his sister know y doesn't she tells her parents