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Azmina's P.O.V
"Mom, stop! It's the first day of high school. No one will bring a lunch, I want some money." Sonia says.

I sigh, go into my purse and give her a 20 dollar bill. "I'm only giving you this because it's your first day of school."

"Jazakallah khair mom." Sonia says and gives me a hug. I hear footsteps down the stairs and Zaid pops into the kitchen, ready for work.

Zaid is now the CEO of his dad's company. Sadly both his parents passed away in a car crash. He was devastated but Alhumdiallah, Allah pulled him through it.

"Asalamalakum" Zaid says and kissed me on the cheek. "Eww, I don't want to see that. I'm taking the bus." Sonia says, grabs her backpack and runs out the door.

"Mommy!" Aliza runs and gives me a hug, Aliza is 8. Aliza is my baby, she is the cutest in the world.

"Honey, would you like some breakfast?" I asked her. "Yes please!" She nods her head and gives me a wide smile.

I put a bowl of cereal in front of her. "Jazakallah khair mommy!" She says. " Wa antum fa jazaakum allahu khyran" I say back.

Aliza eats her breakfast and puts on her shoes. She is so independent Mash'allah , she'll need it when she gets older.

I put her backpack on her shoulders and walk her outside to the bus stop. Aliza was going to go to second grade. She wasn't afraid Mash'allah, she was actually very excited.

The bus came and she climbed on. I walk back inside the house to find Zaid putting on his shoes. "Allah hafiz" He says and kisses me on the cheek again. "Allah hafiz" I say before he leaves.

Our love for each other has grown so much. We both had our ups and downs together. He didn't leave my side and I didn't leave his and that's true love.

I pick up the phone and call my best friend Zehra.

Zehra's P.O.V
"Tazeem! Come downstairs, you're going to be late!" I yell at my son, who is upstairs getting ready for school.

"Sorry mom, didn't mean to take so much time." says as he comes down the stairs.

Me and Amir started our marriage over again. We now love each other and couldn't live without each other or our beloved son.

Our son is now in his 3rd year of high school. He has learned how to drive a car Mash'allah. He is also very smart, he has got the best exam scores in his whole school but most importantly he is religious.

Though he really isn't ours. We adopted because me and Amir couldn't have kids. I got pregnant but I had a miscarriage a few months later. We adopted right when Tazeem was a baby and took care of him since but he feels like my own.

"Bye mom! Asalamalakum!" He yells before running to his car. Before he can leave, I yell "Walakumasalam!"

Amir runs down the stairs and kisses me a goodbye before leaving.

The phone rings, I pick it up since it was Azmina after all.

"Should we call Noorah too?" Azmina asks. "Yes, she is your sister after all.

Noorah's P.O.V
I wake up to a cry. "Not again." Iyaad, my husband says. "Shut your mouth, you don't have to wake up and feed her." I say and get our of bed.

I trudge my way over to Hasan room, he is only 7 months old but when will this stop?

I feed Hassan and put him to bed. Having a child is harder than I thought. I am waking up constantly, always helping him and I can never do what I want.

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