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Forgiving  You (Dublin Sisters #2) by hayatkhan07
Forgiving You (Dublin Sisters #2)by Abeer Mirza
She was abandoned on her wedding day. The groom disappeared. There were accusations. Her honour was at stake. Her family was to be ruined. One man saved her from al...
King Ajmal Second Wife by hidayah197
King Ajmal Second Wifeby hidayah197
King Ajmal was forced to marry a second wife. He never accept queen Dina has is second wife because of the love he had for his first wife queen Amal. Queen Amal and Qu...
Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love Story)  by i7love8allah6
Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love ❤
"Why don't you leave me?" I shouted, trying to mask away the fear that filled inside of me this time. "Oh Darling I wish I could." He smirked, almos...
The Nanny by naia22
The Nannyby N A I L A 🌙
"You are fired," he said, as my heart broke into tiny pieces. "No please sir, don't separate me from Imad. I beg of you," I pleaded in agony. What s...
Being The Sheikh's Second Bride by author_BibzMina
Being The Sheikh's Second Brideby PandaBear🐼
Highest In Spiritual:#1 What's Hot (4/06/2018) Aamanah is the wife to the next chief of the Al-Umair tribe,Hamza.She just found out she's barren yet she has Hamza's supp...
The lie in my marriage (EDITING) by khal2mukay
The lie in my marriage (EDITING)by Umm' Khulthum
The story of Zainab and Malik, a young couple in their own little bubble living their best life. Then,Amal shows up into Malik's life. Somewhere along the way,feelings w...
From hate, to Lust to Love by FathimaShif
From hate, to Lust to Loveby LiveLove
I drink hard, I play hard, I f*ck hard and I thrive hard in everything I do. I am care free. I use women like toilet papers. I don't care who gets hurt and why they get...
THE TIMOROUS DUNYA✅by 🌻Blossom_Queen🌻
#2| Dunya| 28-08-18 Maryam's life tends to always take a turn for the worst. Loosing her mother at the tender age of 14, she was left with a non other than malevolent...
Halal Touch (COMPLETED) by tamzeen
Halal Touch (COMPLETED)by tamzeen
This is the story of Naeem and Nisma, two different people, but from a similar background. Meet Naeem, the youngest of three siblings, mischievous and naughty, but ca...
The Expensive Daughter Of A Pauper by Ayeesha_nkn
The Expensive Daughter Of A Pauperby Aisha Idris
Wanna see how a daughter of a poor man is expensive??? Then read this book Zarah is a young beautiful poor girl from a wretched family who came all the way from he...
My Salvation (CURRENTLY EDITING) by Amethyst2829
My Salvation (CURRENTLY EDITING)by Amethyst
Book 1 in 'Mend Series' He screams at me, slapping my face twice, 'You deserve all of this! You don't even deserve to live. You should die and do me a favour!' I shield...
In God's Hand (Islam based) (Completed) by MrsHeartPink
In God's Hand (Islam based) ( Mrsheartpink
Sofea Harrison was born without a religion. Her mother was an Islam and her father was a Christian, but neither of them practice their religion. Growing up in New York m...
Grandpa's Choice |✔️ by fatima_zahra15
Grandpa's Choice |✔️by Fatima Abdullahi
What happens when your grandfather picks you, a happily married man with a heavily pregnant wife, amongst all his grandsons to get married to the granddaughter of his c...
The Forbidden Love by Mxslxmxh
The Forbidden Loveby Muslimah
Busola Adeniran, a Nigerian 25 year old strong woman who's parents died leaving her to take care of her younger siblings Yousif and Hasna in her own. She sacrificed her...
Discriminated° by MoonBBChild
Discriminated°by °`•Moon Child•`°
DISCRIMINATED /dɪˈskrɪmɪneɪt/ Verb 1. Make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, s...
Muslimah Next Door { Editing } by muslimah_07
Muslimah Next Door { Editing }by Lostsoul✨
"Not all Muslims are terrorists." You know how people say never to judge a book by its cover? I shouldn't have done that myself. Growing up with racist parent...
Miracles And Magic by _purplexed_
Miracles And Magicby ~B I A ~
Miracles and Magic tells the story of different variety of characters through the protogonist, Izza Khalid. A story which prioritize family, friends and the creator of...
(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower in Heaven - Zahra by FathimaShif
(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower LiveLove
My name is Stuart John.I am rich. No, I am filthy rich. I am arrogant and handsome. I am always one step ahead of the game. The world revolve around me. Governments fear...
I can't rewrite our fate  by siwjxyb
I can't rewrite our fate by siwjxyb
Noor Ahmad, a girl trying to find her way back to her faith after experiencing a terrible accident. Khalil Hassan, a guy who moves back home after years, realising that...
His Queen by rawoya
His Queenby Cinderawia
Highest Ranking is 4th in Muslimah "where did you come from?" He says as they both stare at me. "Wallahi I don't know where I come from, the only thing I...