Chapter 14- happiness Followed by Sorrow

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Azmina's P.O.V
I am still angry at Noorah. I mean she just kissed my future husband. I told Amir to tell me when Noorah tried to talk to him.

Currently, I am at Sarah's new house with Nadia. Sarah comes downstairs and glares at me. "I am sorry. Amir pulled me out and asked me if I could take a ride with him and I was scared he would hurt me." I explained the rest.

Nadia and Sarah get suprised when they heard everything. "You like him." Nadia says. "Yeah, you do and don't even try to deny it." Sarah says.

We talk a little more about Amir before Sarah says "I never in a million years thought you would get married to Amir. I honestly thought you would get married to Zaid." I was suprised by what she said.

"Yeah me too. You seemed to like each other" Nadia says. I start laughing. "We are only friends. You guys know that." I tell them. They give each other look like they know it's not the truth. "It's the truth." They just nodded.

My mom texted me to come home. I say goodbye to Nadia and Sarah. My mom comes and picks me up. "Amir and his family are coming to discuss the marriage and engagement!" she says while jumping up and down.

I honestly think she didn't live her childhood because why would a grown women jump up and down when a guy is mentioned. The worse thing is all my mom friends are like this.

Then the doorbell rang and I opened the door. It was Amir and his family. They came inside and sat down in the living room.

They got right to the point "When do you kids what to get engaged?" Maryam asked us. We look at each other, trying to figure it out.

My mom and Maryam started to jump up and down. "Omg, they already love each other!" Maryam says. "Omg! They will be the cutest couple ever!" My dad and Amir's dad roll their eyes. Me and Amir look at each before bursting out laughing.

"How about we get engaged in a month?" Amir asks me. "I am fine with that." I tell him. "Omg! We need to get planning fast!" Maryam says and starts asking all these questions about what we want for the wedding.

Once we have everything planned they finally leave. I text Nadia and Sarah about everything. They are as excited as I am.

Nadia's P.O.V
Omg! Azmina is getting engaged soon!
I start jumping up and down and start dancing. Then I heard a loud thud, coming from my dad's study. I run to see what happened. I then see my dad on the floor.

I gasp and run towards him. He whispers "call 911". I call them and they send a ambulance.

The ambulance comes and takes my dad away. I am at the hospital calling every I am close to telling them that. Zaid comes instantly after I call.

Then Sarah and Azmina come. My mom was at the doctor getting a check-up and she couldn't cancel it but she would come after he appointment.

Azmina's P.O.V
I ran inside the hospital and ran to the private section. I ran into the waiting room. I saw Zaid and I stopped in my tracks. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a white shirt. His hair was messy.
He just....looked....amazing.

Astaghfirullah. I am getting engaged and I am thinking about an another man. Especially in a situation like this.
I run up to Nadia and try to comfort her. Right behind me was Sarah. She was also tearing up. Then the doctor came in the room.

"Your dad had a heart attack. We need him to stay at the hospital because his body is unstable." Nadia started to cry even more.

Nadia's mom comes and we tell her everything. She looks like she is going to cry but she holds it in. "Zaid I need to talk to you in private." They both get up and leave.

Zaid's P.O.V
My mom and me go to the corner of the big waiting where there weren't any people at all. My mom starts talking."Me and your dad have been talking. We know we can't always be with you but we never thought it would be this early."

I think she saying that dad might die but I don't know for sure. "Mom, what are you trying to say?"

She sighs and says "Your dad might not have much time left. That means you will have to take over the company with me and I don't want you to do it alone."

I am still confused "Are you trying to say I have to get married?" I ask her.

"Yes" when she says that. Only one person comes to mind but she will never be mine. She is the only one I have loved but she is already taken by the man who doesn't even give the attention and love she deserves.
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