Chapter 20- Flashback

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Azmina's P.O.V
I can't believe it's him. He moved away after what happened. He wasn't supposed to be here. I cry harder just thinking about. I can't help but to think about that day again. It was a few summer ago.

I wipe the sweat off of my forehead. "That was an amazing run" I tell him. "I know. It was the best run I've had" He tells me.

I take a swing of water but nothing comes. I look at the bottle and realize I drank all of it. "Uggh are you kidding me?? I have no water!" I say.

"Want to come to my house for some. It's not that far away." He tells me. We run over to his house, which only took a minute. We go inside and I sit on the couch in the living room while he gets me water.

He hands me the glass and I drink every single drop. After I drink it, I get really tired. I yawn "I am so tired. I want to go to sleep." . "Want to sleep in the guest room?" He asks me. "No. You know my mom will kill me if I dont get back in an hour."

I stand up but don't go anywhere because I fall asleep while I was standing. I don't know what happened.
I wake up in a room I have never seen before. I have been sleeping in a chair. Why am I in a chair? Everything confuses me. Then someone walks in, I don't recognize his face at all but I do know he has an Ak-47. "She awake!" The man yells to no one in particular.

Then a man comes in, he has a mask on. "Well, well, Look who it is Azmina Siddiqui. She looks stunning. I wonder how people would react to see you dead!" He pulls out a knife from his pocket. His voice seems really familar.

I realize who's voice it sounds like. It can't be. No. Not the guy who I have been friends with since kindergarden.
"Khalid?" tears fall out of my eyes. He drugged me with the water to do whatever he was going to do.

He pulls his knife away. "How did you know?! Did one of them tell you?" I shake my head no. I was on the verge of sobbing. Why him?

"Why did you do it?" I ask him. "Because you are rich and stunning. We will have to get married. Then the media will follow us everywhere but first you need to fake a pregnancy." what he just told me stunned me. What? It made no sense.

I mean Khalid's family was famous since they made a phone battery that could recharge itself. Every phone company uses it and Khalid's company is the only the ones who make it. He is a billionaire but I knew him before all this. He really changed after becoming famous.

"How? My parents will kick me out." I tell him. "Well if you want to live then you will have to do it and I will know when it will happen. I have people everywhere. Everywhere."

He lets me go. I go home an hour late. "Habibi, where have you been?" my mom asks me. "I stayed at Khalid's house for a little longer." I can't tell her what really happened. She will freak out and then kick me out.

"Ok but tell me before you do something like that again." my mom says.

Even after a month I didn't tell my parents. There were notes everywhere threatening me. They said that if I didn't tell my parents I was pregnant then they would do something worse to me.

Khalid moved away after that first month but he met with me the day before he left. "I know you didn't tell your parents." He says while taking a sip of his coffee.

"I will. I will. I just need time." I tell him. "I will kill you if you don't do it by next month." I am so scared. I know he will do it by the look in his eyes. One thing bothered me, why would he want to marry me but kill me if I didn't agree.

I couldn't ask since he just walked away from me. I look back at my life and wonder what happened if I never met him.

After a few months without telling my parents, he never contacted me. I thought I was done but guess I'm not.

End of flashback
"Azmina?" Khalid says again. "What?" I say. It comes out in a small voice. I was scared of what would happen. "Why did you get engaged two times when I told you we will get married?!?! Are you trying to die?!" He yells.

I forgot all about him even though he was my best friend for a long time. I tried to forget about him and I did. "I didn't think you were coming back." I tell him in a small voice.

"Stop lying. You forgot about me right?" I just nodded, scared to say yes. "Well you won't forget about me anymore." he said.

"Why?" I asked confused. Then he smirks "Well I already told your fiance that your pregnant." Then he laughs. "I caught it all on film so you can see his reaction it's hilarious but next stop is your parents house and you will tell them your pregnant with your fiance baby. "

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