Chapter 7- Truths and hearts broken

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Nadia's P.O.V

"Azmina is awesome ! She is a super funny, pret- I mean cool." Zaid's says. Ever since the first lesson all he does is talk about her. "Are you in love with her? Cause you can't shut your mouth about her." I tell him. After I said that he looks like he's in deep thinking.

"I was only jok-" before I can finish he cuts me off. "I think I do" he tells me. "Are you joking?" I ask him. Before Azmina's lessons he would need in a million years love someone like Azmina (not like there is anything wrong with her).

"I wish." he tells me. "Would you want to marry her?" I ask him. "If I married her, I think I would perfectly happy. Maybe even excited." he says. "Go tell mom and dad. Before it gets out of hand. There downstairs. Go!" I push him out of the room.

Zaid's P.O.V

Nadia pushed me out of her room. I guess I'll go and tell my parents.I felt like it wasn't a good idea but I ignored that feeling. I run downstairs and into the room where my parents were sitting.

"Hey mom and dad, can I ask you something?" my mom and dad look at each other. "Is it something bad?" my dad asks me. "No." They didn't believe me but they motioned me to go on.

"I kind of like this girl and she is a good muslim" I tell them. I guess my mom knew where this was going because she asked "Have we met her before?"

"Yah, it's actually Azmina" right when I said that they looked really shocked. "Is there anything wrong with her?" I was getting mad because there wasn't anything wrong with her. "No, it's just that we would never imagine you would love a girl like her." my dad tells me.

"What do you mean like her?" I knew this was a bad idea. "She is the type of girl we wanted you to get married with." My mom tells me. Then they both looked so happy "We'll contact the parents right now." She left to call the parents.

This made me so happy. There are no words to explain. I can't believe I am going to marry her. Is this a dream or something?

My mom returns with a frown. That could only mean one thing. They said no. "Someone already asked for her hand." It felt like a thousand bricks fell on me. I felt like there was no point in living anymore.

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