Chapter 13- Oh No She Didn't

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Azmina's P.O.V
Once I entered Nadia's house, I saw everyone sitting in the living room making dua. Zaid had an icepack on his jaw. Nadia saw me first. She ran and hugged me. "Where have you been?!?! We've been so worry!" she says.

"I just was with Amir." I told her. She gives me a waring look. "Why did you leave your best friends wedding to go with out with a guy? Do you Sarah is really disappointed you left without telling her?" right when she said that I felt bad.

"I'm sorry. I'll talk to her tomorrow and Zaid I'm sorry. It's all my fault I should've been talking to you. Please forgive me." I tell him, feeling really gulity.

"Azmina it's not your fault. You didn't punch me." he tells me. "But if I never talked to you this would have never happened." I tell him.

"Oh and Zaid, please forgive Amir. He never meant to do this. He has sone problems he needs to deal with right now, so he is under stress." I tell him before going upstairs.

"It's ok. I forgive him. I understand people do crazy things when under stress.

I went to bed thinking about my life with Amir after we get married. Wait, that doesn't mean I like him right? I mean I didn't want yes? But then again I don't want to break the engagement.

Next day....
I woke up, prayed Fajr, and read quran. Since it was Saturday, I was going to go back to sleep but I got a text, it was from Amir.

Amir: Me and a couple of friends are hanging out today. They want to meet you and don't worry you won't be they only girl;-)

When I read that my heart leaped. Well, guess I do like him. Good thing he will be my halal soon. I text him back saying I am coming. I go and get ready.

The doorbell rings, I run downstairs to open it but Zaid beat me to it. "Amir? What are you doing here?" Zaid asked. "I came to pick up Azmina. We're going somewhere." Amir said peering at me. Guess Amir's not mad at Zaid anymore.

When Zaid turned his eyes were filled with sorrow. Werid. Then Zaid turned to Amir and told him soemthing. I don't know what but it made Amir blush.

Amir looks so cute when he blushes. Wait?! Where did that come from?! Just shut up Azmina, will you?!

I walk over to Amir and say salam to Zaid before leaving. I walk with Amir before stopping at his car. It was his Lambo but there were only 2 seats in the car. Where is everyone?

"My friends will meet us at the mall." Amir said. I feel like I shouldn't do this but I'm too scared to say no. So I get in the car.

We get to the mall. Amir said that we would go to a restaurant for lunch. We enter the restaurant and I meet his friends.

There were 2 guys and 2 hijabis. "As'salamalakum. You must be Azmina.My name is Ahmad and his name is Omar." pointing at the guy next to him. "Amir talks a lot about." Omar tells me. One of the girls looks mad after Omar says that.

Amir nudges him and mumbles "shut up". Aww, he embarrassed. Shoot, Azmina you need some help!

The girls introduce themselves "My name is Ashia. I'm Ahmad's wife. Nice to meet you" She tells me. The girl who got mad starts to speak. "Asalamalakum. My name is Noorah. I am Amir's assistant."

After that we go and sit down. We sit down in a big booth. Me and Amir sit together and next to him is Noorah. The other side of the booth Ashia, Omar and Ahmed.

We order our food and start talking. I found out that Ahmed is super funny and Omar has a pretty dirty mind. Ashia is super smart. She skipped two years of school when she was younger.

There is something off about Noorah though. She is always looking at Amir with dreamy eyes. I just brushed it off. Amir cracked a funny joke and everyone laughed. I saw Noorah put her hand on top of Amir's .

He instantly took his hand away, stopped laughing and gave her a look. She didn't get the memo because then she put her hand on Amir's shoulder and said "My gosh Amir, you are sooo funny."

Amir pulled her hand off his shoulder and told her to stop. Then Amir turned to me and said " We need to talk outside."

We both get up and leave. Once we are outside the restaurant, Amir started talking.

" Can you help me fire Noorah? She seemed like a good muslim when we hired her but she changed. She barged in my room without knocking and I was changing. Alhumdiallah that I still had pants on. She is just stood there, even after I told her to leave. Then she walked over to me and tried to seduce me but I threw her out of my room before she could because she is not close to being my halal."

I understood everything he said and I was willing to help him fire her.

We walked back into the restaurant and ate lunch. After lunch, we went shopping. Once we were done shopping, we just went home. Noorah followed Amir to his car while everyone else went home.

This is my chance. I give her one look and say "You're fired." . She laughs and says "You can't fire me. You're not my boss.". Amir replys " I am and you're fired." She stops laughing and then looks and me and says. "So you think you can take my man. Well let the games begin."

Then she kisses Amir on the cheek before running away. Oh no she didn't. She wanted to fight, fine we'll fight but she won't come close to beating me.
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