Chapter 11- Sarah's Wedding

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Nadia's P.O.V
It's been hard for Zaid to forget about Azmina. I've asked him about it he just brushes it off saying he's fine. He can't even focus in class. I'm scared he will stop believing. Especially since he started to listen to music again.

Let's talk about Sarah now. Her wedding is in a week. They have everything planned. The sad thing is our cousin Amir and his family won't attend because his father already booked everything for a vacation. They said they might be able to come but not for sure.

Anyway, the theme for the wedding is blue and sliver. Me and Azmina are going to shop for dresses right now.

"Mom, me and Azmina are leaving right now!" I yell before leaving. She comes running to the door before we leave. "Take Zaid. He's been sitting at home for a long time." she says.

"Uhh... No Mom. I think we shouldn't." I tell her. What is she doing!? Dosen't she know he likes Azmina?!

"Well, then you can't go." my mom says. Ughh this woman is crazy. "Fine mom" I tell her, clearly annoyed.

She calls Zaid downstairs. When he comes down the stairs, he stops when he sees Azmina waiting . "What mom?" he sounds irritated. "Go with them to by dresses and buy your outfit." she says.

"No. I am not going with them." he simply states. My mom picks up her one of her heels and says "go before I throw this at you". My mom doesn't abuse us, but she gets really angry.

"Okay, okay. I'm going." he says while putting on his shoes. We get into his car and drive to the store.

The store has Pakistani dresses. For men it has suits and thobes. We walk into the store and go into the girls section, while Zaid goes in the guys sections.

We choose our multiple dresses and go to try them on. I try on my dresses and choose a blue and sliver abaya. Then Azmina trys on her dresses. She has two.

She came out with a pink and black dress. It looked good but was really tight.

She went in again to change. While she was changing Zaid sat down next to me. He bought a suit, a shirt, and a tie. I tried to look at them but he wouldn't let me. "Wait until the wedding." he said.

That's when Azmina stepped out with the peach dress. She looked absolutely amazing. I turn my head to Zaid. He had wide eyes and his jaw reached to the floor. I nudged him, he realized what he was doing and looked at the ground.

"So what do you think about the dress?" She asked. "It absolutely amazing. Buy this one." I tell her. She changes out of her dress and we go and pay.

The night of the wedding....

Azmina's P.O.V
Currently, me and Nadia were at the wedding. It was mixed, so we had to wear our hijabs and not much makeup. Funny thing is me and Zaid matched without planning it.

Sarah's dress looked amazing on her. The whole banquet hall did. The couple were sitting on a blue couch. The tablecloths were blue with silver accents. Sarah made it how she always wanted to be.

We were sitting in a table with Nadia's family. My parents couldn't make it because they were working. When the food was severed. I ran and got some food. It was Pakistani food, since they were both the bride and groom were Pakistani.

I was eating my food when I felt someone was looking at me. I looked around and saw Sarah and Nadia look at me at were smiling while shaking their heads, but I also saw Zaid looking but with a look of longing, werid. I know Sarah and Nadia are talking about my how much I love food. They aren't fans of food. Which is super crazy, I know.

I am actually healthy but I am not trying to limit myself off of Pakistani food. I would die. I mean who can give up good food. Surely not me.

I give them a stern look before looking at Zaid at waving. He waves back.

They both come back. Zaid sits on my left while Nadia sits on my right. We were all talking about the news. Nadia excused herself(meaning she needed a bathroom asap). That left me and Zaid.

We talked for a few minutes before a voice that  I thought I would never hear at this wedding. "Azmina?". His voice sounded confused and hurt. I slowly turn around to see the one and only Amir Ahmed.
All three dresses are on the side/top. I start school in a couple of days. 8 to be exact. I might not update as frequently. (Probably will just daydream about this story in school and then come home and write chapter)

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