Chapter 38- She Came

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Zaid's P.O.V
She comes back today. Those words themselves brought a smile to my face. She's coming back forever, in shaa allah.

I am currently at the airport waiting for Azmina. I can't stand still , I'm just too excited. I just imagine her face in front of mine, just being able to hold her in my arms. I miss how worried she would get about me.

"Zaid!" a voice called. I look up and see Azmina running towards me. She runs into my arms. I pick her up and swing her around in the air. Once she lands on the ground she pulls me into a bone-crushing hug. "I missed you so much." Azmina says. A whimper escaspes from her mouth.

I pull her away from me and wipe her tears. "Look at me, everything will be alright. See I'm here now and won't ever be leaving you" I pull her back into a hug.

I take her bags and put them in the car. "I really thought we would get a divorce, it scared me. I was worried and just wanted it to work. I wanted to go with you but I was scared it would happen again, now I know you won't."

"I was scared too. I thought I would be a single dad trying to raise Sonia by myself, not to metion I would miss you." I say and kiss her cheek.

She slaps my arm "Stop! We're in public." She burys her face into her hands.

We get into the car and drive home. At the front steps sat Noorah, looking like she could kill. "Zaid! Why is Azmina here?! I thought she left?" Noorah asks.

"I left but then came back." Azmina answers. "I didn't ask you!" Noorah says in a hateful tone.

Azmina sighed "I know you hate me because of something my parents did. Please understand they regret their decision, your parents took you and wouldn't give you back. We tryed everything but it didn't work. We wanted you back."

Noorah bit a lip, thinking deeply about what Azmina said. "Maybe that explains it but why did my foster parents take me away from you guys?"

"I can call mom and you can talk to her about all this. I barley know anything about this, Zaid told me everything a few days ago." Azmina says.

"I'd like that. Can you call your mom right now?" Noorah asks. "Sure!" Azmina pushes into the numbers into a phone and gives the phone to Noorah.

"Hello? Mom?...... Yes mom! It's me, Noorah..... Stop crying, I'll start crying too." A tear falls out of Noorah's eye.

The conversation goes on for about 20 minutes, it was pretty late in Pakistan, they were going to sleep before Noorah called.

"Thanks so much, I regret all everything I did to you. I should have treated you like a sister. I thought you guy's didn't want me, I thought they only wanted you and I wasn't good enough." Noorah says to Azmina.

"Come in our house, just for some tea." Azmina offers to Noorah.

"I would love to learn more about you and my family."

Azmina's P.O.V
Noorah accepted me as a sister! This is so exciting! She's going to be like the sister I never had!

Me and Noorah were catching up on life and getting to know each other better. Surprisingly, we share similar interests like running, sports cars and of course, food. I know we will act like sisters who knew each other their entire life.

A few days later....

Today we were having Sonia's birthday party, she's turning two today. I dress up Sonia for the party, since it is her birthday. She was wearing a simple red dress, a skinny black belt around her waist, black flats and a red, black, and grey cheeta headband. She looked so adorable in her red dress.

I finished dressing up Sonia for the party. Once I was done the door bell rang, I ran downstairs and opened the door. "Asalamalakum Zehra and Amir!" I greeted with a smile on my face.

Zehra and Amir are finally a functional couple. They love each other so much Amir always has his arm around her waist.

"Walakumasalam" The greet back. Amir goes upstairs to the living room where Zaid was waiting for the guests.

Zehra and me go into the kichten and finish making the food. "I want to say Jazakallah khair for what you did." Zehra says.

"Why?" I ask, confused. "I never did anything amazing or anything kind, we just met and became friends."

Zehra starts to smile "You were the one who made my dysfunctional relationship functional. I had loved Amir since the beginning, I knew he loved another woman, who was you. I tried not to love him anymore but that didn't work. You came and told him to talk to me. That day was the day everything changed in my life. I really need to say Jazakallah khair."

" Wa antum fa jazaakum allahu khyran" I say back. The doorbell rings once again. I open the door and find Noorah.

"Asalamalakum Noorah! Come in!" I open the door and let her come in. I kept opening the door for the guests.

All my aunts would hug and treat Noorah like their daughter, since our aunts didn't have many girls. It was me and 5 other girls, we aren't close though.

The food was served and before I knew it the party was over. The last person here was Noorah.

"Today, I really felt apart of your family, I never thought something like this would happen. Jazakallah khair." Noorah says and pulls me into a hug.

" Wa antum fa jazaakum allahu khyran. I love you like a sister." I say. "Same goes for me." Noorah says.

Noorah leaves after a long hug. Me and Zaid start to clean up. Once we're done, we put Sonia to bed. Zaid got a call from work and left. He said it wouldn't be very long. It wasn't that late, it was only 10 pm. I suprised everyone left so early, aunties stay until 12 am.

I change into gray sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I make wudu and pull out my prayer mat, It's isha time.

I wrap my scarf. I was about to start but the door opened, it closed fast and someone ran upstairs. I hid behind the door. Why are they running so fast? The door opens and I see Zaid. I decide to hide and scare Zaid. He looks at the mat and runs his fingers through his hair, deeply thinking.

I jump out from behind the door and scream "Boo!" Zaid jumps back in fright before putting a hand on his heart. "Azmina, you scared the air out me, never do that again. Did you pray isha yet?" He asks.

I shake my head no "Good, wait for me, I just need to make wudu and we'll pray together. He makes his wudu and comes back. He raises his hand over his head and starts to pray salah.

Once we're finshed, he prays his supplications. "You usually don't pray supplications, why today?" I ask. "I just needed to thank Allah for everything, especially for you." Zaid says and kisses me on my cheek.

I tried to change him once, it didn't work. I tried again, to make him see the blessings, in this world and the next. He firgured it out and realized how important Allah is. I need to thank Allah for my life and everything, especially Zaid.

I guess you could say you fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time but that time was the best time of my life and still is.

We love each other for the sake of Allah, not for ourselves.
You guys probably figured it out but if you didn't then let me tell you. This is the last chapter. *goes in the corner, curls up into a ball and starts to cry*

I am so sad, words can't explain. Comment here if you want a sequel and which character do you want it based off of. I still don't know, maybe Noorah? You guys give me ideas.

I will post the Epilogue tomorrow in shaa allah. I get out early from school too.

It me so long to write this. I first of all didn't get much sleep this whole week, secondly this was the last chapter and I didn't know how to end it. Hope you guys don't become dehydrated from all the crying.

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