Chapter 29-Cheater + Adoption

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Amir's P.O.V
"Why did you not think before you cheated?" I asked Zaid.

We were now in Zaid's house. He wanted to talk to me about Azmina and why Allah did this to him.

"I thought I could live without her but I can't. I thought I didn't love her but I do. I thought I wouldn't fall in love but I did. I wasn't supposed to but it got harder afyer the years. She told me about her past. I felt sympathy. I was sad. Worse is she won't love me back because I cheated. I don't know what to do because I love Noorah and Azmina but they did or will leave me. I lost two people I love and if anyone in my family hears about it they will hate me too. Especially with Sonia in the picture." He said crying.

"Allah tests the people he loves. He loves you so he tested you. You didn't turn to Allah to bear the pain. Once you do the pain will still be there but you will have the power to leave those things and move on."

"Allah doesn't love me. Do you know how my sins I have done in my life? He would never forgive me."

"Allah forgives everyone. Stop saying he won't because he will" I tell him.

We talk for an hour before he gets a call for work. I was in my car thinking about Azmina.

I want her in my life but Zaid loves her and she clearly loves Zaid.

I get home. I hate my family. My wife is horrible. She only yells at me and then never talks. I wanted a wife who would love me, take care of me but seems like I won't get one.

"Where have you been?! It's been 3 hours?!What will the media think of us?!" My wife yells. I sigh. She doesn't love me, she loves the media and attention.

That seems like the only reason she married me. She hates everything about me.

"Are you even listening?!" she yells louder. "Of course not! A fat, ugly, golbin like you wouldn't! God, I hate you so much!"

I started to get angry. She treats me like trash. "If you hate me then divorce me already! I don't love you anyways." I say raising my voice but not yelling.

"I can't divorce you. I want money and attention." she says. She admitted. I am suprised.

I go into my room. Me and my wife have separate rooms. She never wanted to sleep in the same room.

I sit on my bed and think about my life. Why is it still this crazy? It's been years but it won't go away.

As I think about this day, I realize something. Noorah tryed to make me cheat on Azmina and she did make Zaid cheat. Why?

Was there something between them I didn't know? I change and try to relax but I can't. It was bothering me way too much.

I call Zaid to get Noorah's house address. It would be easier to get information out face-to-face.
I get in my car and drive to her house.

When I arrive, I see a normal looking house. I knock on the door. Noorah opens it. She wasn't wearing a hijab and wearing shorts and a tank top.

"Do you want to put on some modest clothes and a hijab?" I ask. "Nah, I'm fine." She says and walks back into the house. I guess she is welcoming me in.

I walk in and close the door behind me. I find her in the living room. "So what did you come here for?" she asks.

"I came here to ask about you and Azmina." I tell her. "God, I hate Azmina. She is two-faced. Like I don't know why you and Zaid wanted her. She is absolutely worthless. Except for her job but nothing special other than that."

"Why do you hate Azmina?" I ask. "It's been going on since I hired you and you are still trying to ruin her. Why?" I ask.

"Why does it matter to you?"
"Because you are trying to ruin Azmina's life!" I say.
" Good. That's exactly what I want." She says.

"Let me ask you again. Why? Why are you doing all of this."
"Are you sure you want to know? It will surprise you." she asks.
"Yes. Please, just tell me already. I am done playing games.

"It's because I'm her biological sister that was put up for adoption."

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