Chapter 36 - The Resluts

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Zaid's P.O.V
I get home and sit in the living room. Sonia sitting in my lap playing with my phone.

I smile, she looks so similar to Azmina. Her hair is was a reddish brown that came from her mother's family. She had long lashes, just like Azmina.

I pull my hands through my hair. Its going to be way harder to forgot Azmina but that's only if she doesn't come back. She has to, I can't lose the woman I really love.

I take my phone out of my pocket and call Noorah. She made all these lies to drive Azmina away from me.

"Hello?" Noorah answers. "What's this about you being pregnant with my baby?" I ask her.

"Well, honey, we have a baby. What more is there to say?" Noorah says. No it can't be. I won't accept it until a DNA test.

"I want a DNA test before I accept that so-called fact. How do I even know the baby is mines? You could easily lied just to push Azmina away for me."

"Fine, I'll take a DNA test and show you the results. I know it's your baby, I'm just waiting for you to accept that!" Noorah says before hanging up.

Ya Allah, my life is all over the place with this drama. Sometimes I just want to give away my business and never look back. I hate the fame. I admit, before, I loved it. I would get super rich friends, we'd do things only the elite can do but now I want to throw it in the trash can.

I can't. Its my dad's business, we grew up in poverty before his business blew up. Sometimes, we wouldn't even get a meal at night. Our clothes had to last 2 years before we would but anymore. When we did go clothes shopping, my parents said we could buy one item because that's all the money they had.

During middle school, dad signed a contract with a huge business, they bought all their suppiles from us.

In less than a few months, we were in a huge house and had lots of money. My family always donates money to the homeless shelter. On Eid, we host a big event for orpans and abused woman at our masjid. We give them necessary living supplies and play games with the kids. Though I wasn't religious, their smiles did make me feel happy.

Their stories are so sad. One woman told me her husband would put a metal spoon over the stove and burn her with it. She had a burn mark though It had been two years since she last saw him.

Since that day, I promise I would never hurt my wife but I already broke that promise way too many times.

Two days later....

Someone knocks on the door, I get off the couch and open it. It was Noorah.

"See! It is your baby!" She says and shoves a piece of paper in my face. I take the paper from her hand and look at it.

No.... No, it can't be true! It can't be my baby! This really means I will loose Azmina for good.

"You have to marry me now since it's your baby. " Noorah says before leaving.

I'm speechless. I will have to marry the woman who I cheated on, the worse thing is I don't have feelings for her.

I quickly call my lawyer to talk to him about this. Guess I dialed too quickly because instead of my lawyer, Azmina picked up.

"Asalamalakum Zaid." She greets. "Walakumasalam." I greet back. "I've missed you so much but I thought you would need some time to think things over."

"I understand but I feel like I'm being dumb. I should have waited for the DNA test to prove it wasn't yours." Azmina says.

I stay quiet, biting lip and thinking about what I should say to her. "Don't tell me the DNA test said it was yours. I don't want you to get married with Noorah, she hates my guts. I never met her before I met Amir. She is a lunatic." She says.

"It came back and said it was mine." I say, nervous for her reaction.

"I'm not coming back, maybe only to get Sonia but I will never stay with a guy who cheated and now is having a baby. Did you think about your parents finding out? They will wonder where I've went and why is this woman here, instead of me. No, you don't think because you are stupid. You don't understand anything about a relationship. Funny thing is you've been in way more than I have."

She is bringing my other life. We promised we would never talk about that again. She knows I regret it. I clench my jaw and ball up my fist.

"Oh yah, really? All the men you have ever been with only wanted you for your money! No one really loved you except me! Did you ever notice?! No, because you were chasing other men! You're the real player!" I yell.

"Great job, you finally just lost the woman you so-called loved." She says before hanging up.

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