Chapter 17- The engagement

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Azmina's P.O.V
Today is my engagement! I am so excited I am jumping up and down! Currently I am about to walk up on stage.

"Are you scared? I was for my engagement " Sarah asked. "No, I am nervous." I tell her. Then ot was pur cue to start walking. Once the door opened and everyone could see me, there were gasps and ma'shallahs being said. I look to Amir but he had his gaze on the floor.

I start to walk and sit on the other side of the couch. Once I sat down, many people ran up to us and congratulated us. The last people to come up was Nadia and Sarah.

"Omg your getting engaged! This is so exciting!" Sarah exclaims. Omar comes on stage and starts talking to Amir. "Omar?" Nadia asks. Omar turns around "Nadia. Long time, no see" he says while looking at his shoes. "Yah" Nadia says also looking at her shoes.

"You know each other?" Amir asks. They look at each other before Nadia says "It's a really long story." we drop the subject but I can't help but she Nadia is acting really werid.

The night ended super fast. I am currently at home texting Amir.

Amir- we are one step closer to our nikah ;-) can't wait to make it halal

I screamed. Omg he is so cute. I can't wait at all too. I jump up and down and start dancing. I realize he sent me another text. I look at it.

Amir- hey can you come over tomorrow? I need to talk to you.

I wonder what he wants to talk about. Probably about us getting married and our wedding. We were getting the nikah in a month but won't live with each other until we are financial stable, which means in a few years.

I can't wait to see him in the morning. I am so exitced.

~The next morning~
I wake up and get ready to go to Amir's house. I try to look good because he is my future husband.

I am at Amir's house. It was huge. It was even bigger than Zaid by tons. I didn't even know the houses around here are that big.

I had to request the bodyguards outside his house to see him. Zaid didn't have bodyguards so this was really different. Why am I comparing everything to Zaid?

They finally let me in. Amir was waiting in the living room for me. "Let's go to my room." he says. We both run to his room.

His room was super cool but I wouldn't call it a room. It looked like an apartment. There was a kitchen, bathroom, living room, a study and bedroom.

"We made it into an apartment so you don't have to put your hijab on if you need something out of our room." He tells me. He leads me to the bedroom and sits on the couch. I go and sit on the bed.

"So what did you need to tell me?" I ask him. "Do you have second thoughts about us getting married?" He asks. "No. Do you?" I ask him. He sighs in relief. "No. I was asking because it seems like you don't want this marriage. If you do just tell me and I will understand."

"Is that all you need to tell me?" I ask him. Before he could say anything Noorah pops out of no where. "Noorah, you don't work here anymore. Who let you in?" Amir asks with irritation laced in his voice.

"Baby, I came for you. You can break your engagement and be with me. I mean no one wants trash like that" she says while pointing at me.

Amir clenchs his jaw and says "Get out. If you know what good for you then get out because you don't want to see what happens if you don't."

"Well, baby I can't get out without you being my man." she says while twisting her hijab with her finger and then jumps on him.

Amir said something but wasn't able to make it out. Why is Amir not mad at Noorah? In a few seconds our door was open and 3 men with guns rushed to our room. "Get her out!" pointing at Noorah. They pick her up and drag her out of the room. "This isn't over Azmina!" she yells.

What is her problem with me? She obviously doesn't care about Amir because she says she will get me rather than Amir. I just wonder what her problem is.

"I wish she would just leave my life. She comes everyday. I asked the bodyguards about it and one said that she just tryed to sweet talk to them to get my house." Amir said.

"Just stop thinking about it. You could just get extra bodyguards and get more safety features in your house." I tell him.

"My gosh Azmina, I didn't even think about that. This is why I love having you in my life. You open doors that wouldn't open by myself. You closed the doors that I regretted opening. You are an amazing person and I am lucky to have you as my future wife." he says.

I blush and smile. No one has ever said that to me. There was so many feelings in that statment and his voice as well.

I look at him and say "I am lucky to have a person who loves me like you do in my life." I tell him. We just look at each other for a few minutes. We somehow ended up being really close to each other. We instantly back away. Thay could've gone so wrong. Alhumdiallah we didn't do it.

"Well, I need to leave. Asalamalakum" I tell him. "Walakumasalam" he says. That was the most eventful hour I had in my life. I was so happy to marry Amir even though I had Zaid in my head.

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