Life Under the Hijab

Life Under the Hijab

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Zaynub is a 21 year old  Muslim girl, who loves to read. She has a loving family and is a straight A student. She plans to go to medical school, but she has a lot of struggles coming her way. Her family is having issues in Bangladesh, and her father is dying. College is really tough, and her little sister is getting bullied in school and she's having suicidal thoughts. But worst of all, Zaynub must marry her childhood friend, whom she hates.

Zakir is a 23 year old Muslim boy. His family is very well known and his father is Zaynub's dad's best friend. Zakir and Zaynub stopped being friends in high school because Zakir was a big jerk to her and cared more of popularity than friends. Zakir is now a changed man, and one of the best young Muslim men around. 

What happens when you put these two together? Will Zaynub be able to face her struggles or will she go astray? Will this arranged marriage turn into one of love? Follow this story of a girl who must go through trials, hardships, and love.

Hijabi_007 Hijabi_007 Jul 01, 2016
So interested. Its taking my mind of the world that's evolving around me and beneath my own very two feet!
2Soccerstar2 2Soccerstar2 Mar 13, 2016
Lol nimrod thank god I thought u was the only one who used that word
BandagedHeartz BandagedHeartz Mar 29, 2016
I sonetimes refuse people when they ask for help (Not HELP. Just general stuff like get this get that) and you can't refuse marriage?
muslimah_07 muslimah_07 Mar 07, 2016
I read this book but never finished it , cause I somehow lost and this first chapter is jogging my memory btw this book is the bomb and I love your way of writer :)
polarized-- polarized-- Jul 11, 2016
@elsa_mily  hey I thought you should read this it sounds good
Zeref-_-dragneel Zeref-_-dragneel Jun 15, 2016
I just  wanted to say...I'm a part Bengali Irish :) My moms Bangladeshi!! And it's the first time I'm seeing a Bengali in Wattpad!! 
                              So Hi5!!