Life Under the Hijab | ✔

Life Under the Hijab | ✔

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Being a Muslim was not made to be easy. Zaynub understands this because she's living through difficulty after difficulty. With family and school on her mind, the last thing Zaynub expects is the one man she's despised for years standing on her doorstep. 

Zakir has made a lot of mistakes in his life. One of his biggest mistakes pertained to Zaynub.  Of course, Zaynub does not see him as a changed man. To her, Zakir is a self-centered immature child trapped in an adult's body. Zakir has changed, but now he has to prove his worth to Zaynub.

Will Zakir and Zaynub fall in love? Or will they fall apart?

•Cover by @soundthealarm•
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- - Nov 24, 2017
I’m reading this again! If I didn’t like it I would have been gone. But mashallah your books are amazing
Rodaina584 Rodaina584 Feb 09
I started wearing hijab when I was ten by my choice,but every one thought my parents forced me ,even tho I live in a Muslim country (Algeria)but I wasn't builled about it that much alhamdullilah ,and my family supported my choice
Rodaina584 Rodaina584 Feb 09
                              okay I'm really sorry I should go now
Zainabkaps Zainabkaps Jan 19
Ha so both of our names are zainab and both of us have 25 year old older brothers
Afoolbutt Afoolbutt Mar 09
I never got rude comments for being Muslim, only stares. Plus, I go to an Islamic school
wafflez1359 wafflez1359 Nov 26, 2017
Honestly, this was the first Muslim-based book I read on Wattpad and I'm SOOO not regretting it :D