chapter 9-Big Suprise

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Zaid's P.O.V
At first I was angry that I couldn't get her but then I started realizing she would never be mine. That made me depressed. I trusted allah and I hope that he has a good path ahead of me.

I went upstairs to go to my room. I needed to tell someone how I feel. I decided to go to Nadia's room and talk about it with her.

When I opened the door, she was on her bed. She was doing something on her laptop but I couldn't see. She looked up to see me and instantly closed her laptop.

"Nadia, what were you doing?" I asked her. "Nothing." she told me. "I know when your lying" I tell her. She looks around the room and then sighs.

"Fine, I was talking to Sarah. She has a fiance now but she wanted it to be a suprise for the whole family, so you better not tell anyone."

"Really? Who?" I ask her. "You don't know the guy but his name is Mohummed. They know each other from school. There love story is so cute, not to metion also halal." she tells me.

"I honestly don't care about their love story. When's the wedding? I need to buy a new suit." I ask her. "She said in a month or 2 but the date hasn't been set." she said.

Then she remembered "Tell me how it went with Azmina!" she was really excited. You could see it in one glance.

"She's.... already had been asked." I told her. I had to look at the ground because I couldn't bear to see her face.

"Oh" I could hear the hurt in her voice. "Trust me, you will find someone better." she says, then gets up and hugs me.

"I don't think I can." I say without thinking but that means I truly feel that way. "Trust me, Allah is testing you. Just focus on something besides her." she tells me.

I leave her room and go to mine. I honestly don't what to do. I decided to call my cousin Amir. He is a good muslim, not to mention my best friend.

"Hey man, what's going on?" I asked him. "Okay, you might not believe this but just listen. ok?" I hear him tell me. "I'm listening "

"I might get engaged with my dream girl." right when he says that I laugh. It's weird for him to even talk about girls. After I stop laughing, I ask "What's her name?"

"Azmina Siddiqui" I dropped my phone. No it can't be. My best friend/cousin is getting married to the girl I love. That means I will see them together almost everyday of my life.

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