Chapter 4- A big Misunderstanding

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~two weeks later~
Zaid's P.O.V
Me and Azmina have been talking and we are starting to become friends. She is a really cool person. Guess she isn't any normal person because she is way better. She acts like my friends but is still nice, unlike my friends. Maybe I was wrong about her.

She showed me what haram things I was doing and told the consequences. They were very scary, it was mostly me not going to Jannah, which was the scariest part. 

I've changed for the better. Now, I pray salat five times a day and read quran as well. I have to thank Amazina for all this because without her, I don't think I would be in this situation. 

Azmina's P.O.V
The lesson are going pretty good. Zaid actually talks to me about the lessons when he see's me. He told me he likes them and wish he could do it everyday. Sadly, I can't since I'm very busy with school.

I told him a few days ago how haram his acts were. I thought he would throw things and walk out of these lessons but he did the exact opposite. He told me he would change everything and he still wanted to continue the lessons. I didn't think he would act on those words.

I saw a werid sight, he changed everything. He stopped hanging out with his friends, flirting with girls, and he even broke up with his girlfriend.

I snap back into reality and get my books from my locker for English.  I saw his ex-girlfriend walked up to me. Her name is Leslie and she is the popukar cheerleader. I roll my eyes because she is always making up rumours "So your the girl he left me for" she told me. What? Who is she talking about? Zaid?

"I am sorry but I don't know who you are talking about." I told her, really confused. "You know who I am talking about, Zaid."Leslie said to me, really disgusted by my presence. I mean if she is really disgusted then why doesn't she just leave. She was the one who came here and no one wants you here.

"What makes you think that?" I asked her because that was a huge misunderstanding. "Because you guys are hanging out so much recently." she told me.

 "We are just friends. Go and ask him, he'll say were just friends."

"Well, everyone knows you two are dating. Stop lying." Leslie said before she walked away. I turn to Nadia to see if she knows about this. She looks equally shocked.

"I think I should stop talking to him, so this rumor will leave." I tell Nadia. "But what about the surprise birthday party at Sarah's house? Did we plan it for nothing?" She asks me.

Zaid's birthday was next week,  his whole family decided to have a surprise birthday party because he didn't really care about his birthday.It was going to be a Sarah's house because he would least expect it there.

"I think we should just stop hanging out at school" I tell her. "That's better than not hanging out at all." She says.

~ the day of the party~

I am so excited for the party! We decided to have the party in the basement because it was biggest room in the house. The party was going to amazing, especially the room. It was blue, his favorite color with accents of silver. I was surprised about what me, Nadia and Sarah made out of the room but there were some things missing.

"Hey Nadia, Where are the streamers?" I ask Nadia since she was supposed to bring them. "There at my house!!" she tells me.

"Ok. Sarah, where are the paper plates?" I ask her. "I left them at Nadia's house when I went to get the other things!" she tells me. They both leave to get the other supplies. I was the only one in the basement. 

While they were gone, I started to set up everything else. Zaid thinks the only people home are Sarah and Abdullah, Sarah's older brother. They are in the same grade because they are only 10 months apart. We told Zaid that their parents went out to a friends house for the day.

Everything was ready, expect the things that Sarah and Nadia didn't bring. No one else was here because we had a few hours until the party.

Just then the bell rang and I ran upstairs to open the door. I opened it, expecting it was Sarah and Nadia with the supplies but instead it was Zaid. "Azmina!?" he said, really suprised I was here. I wonder why. There wasn't anything crazy around me. 

"Abdullah!?" Zaid says while looking behind me. When I look behind me, I see Abdullah shirtless. I quickly look at the carpet. Astaghfirullah. This is why Zaid is mad. Then I realized what it looks like. This won't end good.

I love this ending. So what do you think Zaid will do? I am so excited to write the next chapter that I am going to do it right now. I might even upload it today.

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