Teaching Mr. Graham by Shi1ohSanders
Teaching Mr. Grahamby Shi1ohSanders
Tatiana Wallace embarks upon her college experience after having grown up in a sheltered home. Her parents, both successful in their respective fields of law and medicin...
  • taboo
  • college
  • love
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The Art Of Seduction by AntagonistPains
The Art Of Seductionby AJ
(Highest in TF #15) Meet Kaden Nowell; he's the head of the football team, smart, cunning and the boy who never refuses a bet. Meet Amber Lewitt; she's the co-Captain...
  • boys
  • wattys2016
  • love
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日本語 | Learn Japanese by Squibeetos
日本語 | Learn Japaneseby Aleksandr Mason
Want to learn Japanese? You have come to the right place! Here, I will teach you the basics, greetings, pronunciation, VIDEO LESSONS for kanji, hiragana, and katakana, g...
  • teaching
  • language
  • wattys2018
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Bad Boy Can't Kiss by TheDaddyWeekly
Bad Boy Can't Kissby TheDaddyWeekly
  • romance
  • helper
  • hate
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Master's Little Girl by princesss_413
Master's Little Girlby princesss_413
Please Sir can I sit on you knee? I'll be a good girl I promise I'll take all of that cock in me today [she gives a needy smile to her master] Please excuse any spellin...
  • agegap
  • teaching
  • sir
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  • hiddleston
  • british
  • psycho
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Percy Jackson teaches at Hogwarts by acciopotatoe
Percy Jackson teaches at Hogwartsby Satan
All campers celebrate their victory over Gaia. All but Percy. His friends,his family gone. Percy is alone. Chiron notices this and has a talk with a few friends. They de...
  • hogwarts
  • percyjackson
  • harrypotter
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Just Give It A Spin | ✔ (Editing) by its_tanz
Just Give It A Spin | ✔ (Editing)by Tanz (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Okay then. Uh when do we start?" I asked hesitantly. "Tomorrow at noon sharp. Be there." He said sternly but smiled and I nodded. "Okay tom...
  • teaching
  • teenfiction
  • humor
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Naughty Teacher Love by chungus6969
Naughty Teacher Loveby BigBoiChungus6969
VERY SEXUAL!!!! 18+ This is about two of my teachers and there romantic love. Even when one of them is married! Keep reading and keeping up with this story for more!!
  • romancefanfiction
  • sexy
  • mystery
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The Summer of 2009 by georgikdz
The Summer of 2009by Georgi Kardzhaliyski
For all the people who had left Pazardzhik in the summer, there were two out-of-towners pouring in to temporarily take their place: Derek and William.
  • writing
  • friendship
  • volunteer
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Script Writing W1: Mini Bible by georgikdz
Script Writing W1: Mini Bibleby Georgi Kardzhaliyski
Тhe series showcase the writer's personal perspective into the experience of those coming to the United States and trying to make the most of their lives, while dealing...
  • hobby
  • technology
  • massachusetts
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Swole Teacher by Queenbet28
Swole Teacherby Queenbet Draws
The buffest of teachers, born in a world where everyone is named after their most discernable trait, takes on the world one student at a time. Sort of like cyanide and h...
  • teacher
  • kids
  • buff
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Book of Saints: Volume 1 by JohnBenedictMatias20
Book of Saints: Volume 1by John Benedict Tamayo Matias
Saints are people, who are accepted as being holy, religious, and virtuous. In Christianity, more than thousands of saints gave up their life for God or died for Jesus...
  • teacher
  • messenger
  • believeinyourself
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My Silent Mate by SophieBeveridge9
My Silent Mateby Sophie
Sitting alone under the night sky so black, Nobody knows what she's holding back, Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue, Once these bruises fade they'll come...
  • mates
  • moon
  • love
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Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Guide to Grammar by Dark_Writes
Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Gui...by Clayton Chandler
English classes suck, but that's no excuse to write like a bitch. Sling sentences like a pro and make your beta readers cry with frustration! Keep this guidebook handy...
  • punctuation
  • rules
  • cuss
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Learning to Grow ◦ Remus Lupin by MissMilk-Stache
Learning to Grow ◦ Remus Lupinby IconiclySuffering
Atlas Lovell was a wizard that only loved her plants. After graduating from Hogwarts in 1978 and fighting in the first Wizarding War alongside her friends, she planned t...
  • lupin
  • potter
  • dumbledore
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Hadiths by shape6
Hadithsby hElLo-_-StAlKeR
If you want to change, if you want to repent, if you want Allah to forgive your sins, if you want paradise. Hasten. Hasten to fasting, Hasten to night prayer, Hasten to...
  • ummah
  • guidance
  • hadiths
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Hogwarts in need of a TEACHER! by AnnabethJCane15
Hogwarts in need of a TEACHER!by -Em's R-
What happens when Percy Jackson is given one last quest before he is able to return to Rome and go to Collage with Annabeth. The memories of tartarous still haunt him...
  • what
  • quest
  • harry
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Photography Class by Jj_Andy
Photography Classby Jj_Andy
About a Teacher a Substitute and their badass class
  • comedy
  • substitute
  • teaching
Teachers|| Drarry by Atherbaker
Teachers|| Drarryby Atherbaker
It is 3 years after the war, Harry and Draco are both 21 years old. They are starting as teachers at Hogwarts, Harry teaching DADA and Draco teaching Potions. Draco and...
  • boyxboy
  • dracomalfoy
  • teaching
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