Chapter 19- Tears

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Azmina's P.O.V
Me and Zaid decided to get married as fast as possible because we were both too excited to wait. The nikkah was planned to be next month.

We bought everything for the engagement since it was next week. "Azmina, Are you really sure about marrying Zaid? I mean he might have alot of money and cares about his deen but don't you two think you are taking it a little fast?" my mom asks.

Ugh, she doesn't get it at all. "Mom, no. We may be taking it fast but we know we are meant to be together. Allah made us in pairs and he's mine other half." I tell her.

She sighs before saying "Fine, if that's what you think we will support you. I was just stating my opinion." She then leaves the room.

My mom doesn't get what me and Zaid have. We are puzzle pieces that fit together effortlessly. He just fits the man of my dreams. Amir is no where close. To be honest, he seemed like a creep. Sad thing is I didn't know about it earlier because if I did then me and Zaid would have been married by now.

As I am thinking, my phone rings. I check the caller ID. It's Amir. Should I pick up? I mean he needs an explanation on why I broke the engagement but it would be super awkward to talk to my ex-fiance. I decide to pick it up. Right when I pressed the green button, I regretted all of it.

"Hello? Azmina?" Amir said on the other line, sounding suprised and hopeful. He shouldn't be though because this is the last time I will talk to him.

"What?" I said, with a lot of annoyance so he will understand never to do this again.

"Why did you break the engagement? I know you liked me and the same goes for me. I tried to show you how much I loved you but you left me like the rest. Why? You said I could trust you but you just left me without any explanation." He asked with emotion all over his voice.

He is so annoying, gosh. He just depends on other people. Like, he can't even take care of himself.

"I broke the engagement because you were a creep. I mean everything you did seemed shady. What did you even want to marry me? So you could sell me for drugs or something? I'm serious." Hate was laced all over my voice. I made sure he could hear it clearly.

"Why would you think that. I would never hurt you. Remember I said that to you? I did everything I could. Why did you break the engagement? The real reason." he said.

I really wanted to punch him. He was so annoying. He was clinging like a slug. It was disgusting. I could throw up right now. I can't believe I used to like a ugly, fat man like him.

"You want to know the real reason?!" my patience with him was gone, I couldn't do it anymore. "I love Zaid! I love him more than I will ever love you! You're a disgusting human being using a girl like me! May allah guide you to the right path because the path you are walking on right now is bringing you nowhere!!" I yell at him before ending the call and throwing my phone across my room.

I was so angry. He is a horrible person for trying to lure me like that. Ugh, he is so shady. The phone rang again. I looked at the caller ID. Of course, it was Amir. I blocked his number and put my phone on my nightstand. I was about to go to my bed when it vibrated, indicating I got a text. Nadia was supposed to text me about the engagement. I quickly pick up the phone but then see it was a text from Amir.

Amir- I don't know how I was shady but if you think I'm shady then you should see the things that Zaid still does without you knowing.

What is he talking about? I get really curious. Is Zaid really going back to his bad ways? I just hope he isn't.

Azmina- what are you talking about, Zaid is shady? He didn't do anything bad. What do you think he did?

I wait for a text from him. It takes so long. He is probably making up a lie. I bet it won't even be that good. After so long, he finally texts me.

Amir- I can't tell you in text. We need to meet up. Tomorrow?

Is he serious? He's probably going to kill me when I go but I really want to see what's so shady about Zaid. Maybe I can bring someone with me. It can't be Sarah or Nadia since they are related. I decide to go with my friend from the masjid, Aisha.

Azmina- k. Tomorrow at 4.

He replys telling me that's ok. I think of every single thing that could go wrong. I have way too much on my mind. I decide to go for a run. It always helps me think and get everything out of my mind. I try to find modest work out pants. I don't have many because I usually work out at home when no one is home.

I find a cute pair of work clothes. I put them on and put on my smart watch. I hate taking my phone with me when I go for a run. It's so big and a huge hassle.

I go outside and run. I stop to take a break. I check my watch to see how long I've been running. It's been an hour! Going back would take another hour! Mom will kill me! I turn around to go home. I don't recognize anything around me. I run in the direction I came in. I keep running but still don't recognize anything.

I get to a neighborhood that looks familiar but I don't know anyone who lives here. Neither where it is but I somehow know where to go. Werid. I wonder who I know lives here. I keep running.

A Jaguar drives up next to me and keeps following me. I run faster but it keeps following me. I start to sprint but don't go very far because I get dragged into the car. This makes no sense. Am I getting kidnapped? But in an Jaguar? This kidnapper must be rich to get something like this.

I don't even scream when the person was dragging me. I wonder why. I am in the persons car. I scrunch up into a ball and moving to where I am not facing them and I can't see them.

"Azmina?" The person says. It can't be. Not him. Please let it be anyone but him please. I turn to look at them. It is. I start to sob. No, this can't be real. It's the man who almost killed me.

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