Chapter 8- The Proposal

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Azmina's P.O.V

That same day......

"Honey come down I need to talk to you." My mom calls from the kitchen. I went downstairs and into the kitchen.

"What mom?" I ask her. She was making a lot of food which means someone is coming. "A boy asked for your hand! It's your last year in high school, so we thought you can get married after you graduate." she tells me.

I wasn't mad. I actually wanted to get married. Even though I was pretty young to get married. I was so excited, I ran upstairs to get dressed.

The doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to open the door. "Asalamalakum auntie come in" I said when I opened the door. "Walakumasalam, you look so beautiful. Your name is Azmina right?" she asked me. I simply nod a yes. "My name is Maryam but call me Chachi (aunt) " the mom says.

My dad comes and greets the men. After the greetings, we go to the living room. "Amzina, what do you want to be?" Maryam or should I say chachi asks me. "I want to be a pediatrician in shaa allah"

"Amir here wants to be an aerospace engineer in shaa allah." she says while pointing at her son. Did I tell you his son was hot? Astaghfirullah, I shouldn't be saying things like that but it so hard not to say it. I mean you would say the same if you saw him. We talk for a few minutes before the phone starts to ring. I was about to pick it up but my mom did instead.

I couldn't hear what they were saying since she was in a different room. When she came back I asked her "What was the call about?"
"I will tell you after they leave" she whispers back.

I got to know Amir better. He seemed like a good muslim. He prays salat five times a day and reads quran. Just like the husband I always wanted.

Then dinner was ready. After me and Amir got our food, my mom and chachi told us to eat outside on the porch.

Our porch had a bench. It could only fit 2 people at the most. Amir sits on the bench, while I stand since there wasn't much room. We talked about random things.

Amir finished his food. I thought I should take his plate inside. "Can I take your plate inside?" I ask him. "Yeah sure, Jazakallah Khair"

He extends his arm towards me to give me the plate. As I walk to over to take it, I trip. I brace myself for the ground but when I dont feel it, I open my eyes.

Then I saw that I was sitting on his lap and his arm was around my waist. He lets go and says "Are you okay? I'm sorry I touched you but I didn't want you to fall." He tells me.

"It's okay, just give me the plate" I tell in the most polite way possible. "No, I'll take. It's the least I can do." with that he opens the door. "Are you coming?"

"Yes." I tell him. He opens the door and lets me walk in first. Once we walk in, the adults look at each other. "Do you have your anwser?" My mom says looking at us both. "Yes. I would love to."

I didn't know. " Can I wait a week?" I tell Chachi. "Yes! We will be back next week." Chachi said. After that they left. Right when the left, I asked mom about the call again. "It was someone asking for your hand."
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