24- The Wedding

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Azmina's dress on the side :)

Azmina's P.O.V
Today is the wedding!! I am so excited! We have a big a venue instead of the small we were going to use. We even got a huge hotel to stay for the night.

I packed everything up to be moved into Zaid's house. The room was pretty empty. It was sad to think I will almost never sleep here again. The room itself looked bare and sad. I decided to start geing ready.

I was getting taking a shower now. I looked for my clothes everywhere in the bathroom but could not find them. I swear I remember putting them here last night.

Nadia was in my room so I decided to yell at her to get me some clothes. "Nadia, give me some clothes!"

A few minutes she hands me some clothes. I take them and put the undergarments on first. I see they were had a lace pattern on. They were black and colbat blue. Zaid's favorite colors.

"Nadia! I will kill you when I get out!" I yell at the top of my lungs. I put my clothes on. I would change after. I open the door and jump on Nadia. "How dare you give me those clothes!"

We started to fake fight. "I did it for your own good." Nadia says with a wink. I stick my tongue out at her.

I run downstairs for food. My first husband. I still get butterflies just thinking about him. I open the fridge and find an apple. I sit on the counter and eat while looking at my phone.

Nadia and Sarah come in. "Didn't you just have lunch? Why are you eating an apple?" Sarah asks. I stick my tongue out "Your just jealous!" I say and run upstairs to my room.

I change in my dress and the makeup and hair/hijab lady comes. She does my makeup. I heared she is really good. I was lucky to have her because it takes months in advance to get her.

Once she is done I look in the mirror. I look at the person who isn't even me. I look so differnt. If someone walked past me they would think that I model.

I hugged the woman and she starts to do my hair. She puts it in a simple bun and starts to do the hijab. I look at the complete product. I look so good it's unbelievable. She really has a talent.

Nadia and Sarah walk in. They stop when they see me. They have their mouths hung open. "Woah. Azmina. You look good." Nadia says while Sarah just nods her head.

"We need to go and sign the nikkah papers." Sarah says. I get up and put on my shoes. I walk downstairs and my mom starts to tear up when she sees me.

"Ya Allah, you were just a baby and now you are getting married. Time flies right before your eyes" she tells me.

We get inside the car to go to the masjid. We walk in. I sit with my mom,Zaid's mom, Sarah and Nadia. The men were currently with the sheikh. I wonder if Zaid will say yes.

I keep thinking about it and sometimes I think I am not ready. I mean I am only a teenager. Even though legally I am an adult, I still feel like a kid. I laugh and do childish things.

The more I start to think, the more I didn't want to do it but I didn't want to see Zaid with any other woman.

The sheikh comes into the room. We chat a bit before he brings up the real topic. Then he says thing that I was scared to hear. "Qabool hai?" He asked. I couldn't say yes. I was really scared. "Qabool hai?" he asked again.

"Qabool hai" I said. I said it two more times. I sighed in relief. I sign the paperwork and we leave.

We are inside one of the rooms in the venue. Zaid was already seated at the stage. I just needed to walk the aisle and somehow make it to the stage without falling on my face.

"It's time" Sarah says. I get up from my seat and walk over to my dad who was walking with me down the aisle.

I linked arms with my dad "Don't worry beta, he is a good man and I know you won't fall" he said.

We opened the door and started to walk in. I kept my head low since I couldn't face more than 100 people.

Before I knew it we were getting closer to the stage. I started to panic. I only focused on my breath. Once I was at the stairs, I walked up them. Before I could put one step down Zaid put his hand out for my to hold.

I held his hand and walked up the stairs. I felt so good. It felt right and that's the only thing that matters.

We keep holding hands until we get to the couch that was on the stage. We sat down and I looked over at Nadia and Sarah. Nadia made a hashtag with her fingers and said relationship goals. I roll my eyes and look somewhere else.

Everyone was coming and take pictures with us. After we had food my favorite part but I couldn't eat. I was literally crying in the inside because they had chicken biryani, my favorite. Some people danced but we didn't because it's haram to dance in front of the opposite gender.

After everyone left since it was really late. Me and Zaid got up when the last guest left.

I walked over to my parent's and said goodbye. Sometimes it makes me happy that I don't have siblings. I would be really hard to say goodbye to them. I tear up after hugging my mom and dad.

"If he ever does anything to you come to us. Ok?" my dad asks. I nod. I hug my mom. She is crying so she doesn't say anything.

"Allah hafiz" I say. They greet back and I walk back to Zaid. He takes my hand and we walk away from the venue to the limo we rented. I lay me head on his shoulder and he wraps hia hand around my waist.

It felt like a fairytale to have Zaid. I can't believe a guy like him loves a girl like me. I look up at him and I see he looks at my with eyes full of love.

I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head on his chest. I feel his heartbeat pound faster than normal. That makes me smile. My eyes close little by little before I knew it I was asleep next to the person I love.
I was going to put what happened at the hotel but it would be too long. The next chapter will have a Zaid P.O.V. so we see what he is really thinking. Early Eid Mubarak!!! I have 2 days off this week ! I think I am uploading a chapter on Eid. Do you guys want to see them celebrate Eid or nah? I might do that idea.

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