Chapter 31- She forgot

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Amir's P.O.V
Did she just say the words I wanted her to say for so long? Does she really love me?

Doctor's and nurse come rushing into the room. "Sir, you have to leave. We will tell you when you can come back."

I go to the waiting room and call Zaid to tell him Azmina is awake. After the call, I sit and wait.

It seems so crazy to think about this.
How can she love me when Zaid loves her? How will I tell Zaid? I decide to wait until we go in her room.

The doctor comes in tells us we can come in. We both go into the room. There is no word to tell you how nervous I am.

Once we walk in, Azmina throws her hands up and gives me a hug. "I missed you Amir. Why am I here?" she says with a frown.

Zaid surley looked mad. I took her hands off me. She frowns. "You were in a car crash, you have amnesia." I tell her.

"Amir where did you put Sonia I want to see her." she looks at me. Zaid has hade enough by the look on his face. "Don't you see I am here, I can see everything you are going. We're married and your going hugging other men."

She looks at him for a second and then starts laughing. "What are you even talking about Zaid? I'm married to Amir. Did yoy really have to play a joke on me while I'm in the hospital?"

"He's not joking. You are really married to him." I say.

"Guys, this isn't funny. Just because I have amnesia doesn't mean you can go around making me believe dumb things. Zaid is only a friend. I even remember marrying Amir and life after marriage."

What is she even talking about? Me and Zaid look at each other with confused looks. I walk out of the room to find a doctor.

"She doesn't remember marrying her husband. She thinks she married another man. What's happening?" I ask the doctor.

"She seemed to get her memories mixed up. She has combined old memories with new ones. You can cure it by showing her photo's, certificates, she'll be able to get everything back in about a month maximum. She can go home, just sign these papers." he says.

I sign the papers and walk back into the room. When I walk back in, Azmina is crawled into a ball unto the floor and Zaid is trying to comfort her but she is moves out of his reach.

"Leave me alone. Your jokes aren't funny. This is scaring me." she says while crying.

"What did you do?" I asked Zaid. "I just showed our nikkah papers. Nothing crazy but she started to cry."

"Amir!" Azmina yells and gives me a gigantic hug. She doesn't move. I remove her arms that are wrapped around me. She frowns again.

"Don't tell me it's real. It can't be." she tells me. I sigh "Yes. This is 100% real. The doctor said you could leave go and get ready."

She nods her head and heads to the bathroom. I look at Zaid "How are we going to deal with this?" Zaid asks.

"I really don't know."

Azmina comes out of the bathroom. She is ready to leave. She gets her stuff and we leave the room. When we get to the parking lot, Azmina starts to follow me. I stop. "Azmina, your supposed to go with Zaid, not me."

She falls onto her knees and pleads "Please let me go with you. Please. I don't want to with Zaid."

I call Zaid and see if he is ok with it. He says for only tonight. "Fine come on" I tell her. She jumps up and down.
We jump into my car and drive home.

We get out of the car. I open the door for Azmina. I see a flash. I towards where the flash came from. It paparazzi. Why now? Azmina and I walk to the house. I just leave it. Guess I now know what story will be in the gossip magazines.

We walk in and of course my wife is on the couch. She looks at me and Azmina "Finally brought a girl. Guess you still have game or this girl is with you for money." my wife says. Azmina eues widen and then fill with anger. I tap her shoulder. She turns and looks at me. I mouth don't.

I lead Azmina to her room. I go into mine's and start working. After a few hours of working, I get a call. It's Zaid's number.

"What the fridge is this? I trusted you. I thought you wouldn't do anything with Azmina. Do you care to explain?"

What is he talking about? "Zaid, I never did anything with Azmina. Where are you getting this information for. Some stupid fake gossip site."

"It's all over the internet. I was just doing some work and decided to watch some t.v. I was flipping through the channels and saw your face. I decided to watch it and it was about you and Azmina. Search it up."

He has to be kidding me. This probably will be soo fake. I search it up and I find many articles about it. Some were old news when the media found out that me and Azmina used to be engaged.

I see a few newer articles. It was produced by the biggest gossip sites. I click on one of them. The title is "Is Zamina over? Is Azmir become a thing?"

What kind of title is that. You can probably tell that I absolutely hate gossip magazines and sites. I look if there are any pictures. There were 3 pictures. One was me opening the door for Azmina.

The next 2 almost made my have a heart attack. It was a picture of me and Azmina holding hands. The next picture was ten times worse. It was taken at night. It was dark but you could make out two faces. Mines and Azmina's of course. They were kissing and I was doing haram things to her.

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