Chapter 3 - The first lesson

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Zaid's P.O.V
I was driving back home. I don't even know why I was even going to the lesson. There was a party I usually go to but today I don't feel like it, so I decided to come to the lesson. Something in my mind was telling me to go to the lesson and something would happen if I didn't. The party would be so much more fun but I can't bring myself to go.

When I reached home I saw that Nadia's car was parked in the driveaway, meaning she's home. Azmina probably came with her. I walked into the house and as usual the maid came and took my jacket. "Where is Nadia and Azmina?" I ask the maid. "In the study."

I ran upstairs into the study, I heard them talking. "You know you probably will never be able to change him" Nadia tells Azmina."Well I  want to take a chance before saying that." Azmina says. Nadia's right, I won't change. Never, no matter who it is.

I opened the door and I heard Azmina screaming. When I was able to see she was fumbling to put on her hijab."You could have at least knock." She tells me before going to the bathroom. When she come back she sits on the chair across from the couch. "Could you closed the door?" I ask Azmina.

"It's haram for a boy and a girl to be in a room alone." She tells me."But Nadia's here, we aren't alone." I don't understand. Islam is confusing. This is why I'm not religious. "Well I am not taking any chances. Can we start our lesson?" she asks me, tired of our argument.

The lesson was about heaven. It was pretty cool but one thing really got my attention. "And the woman are so much better looking in heaven, not like it really matters." Azmina tells me. Well, that got me hooked. Now there is a slight chance that I will become better.

Once the lesson was done, me and Nadia walked Azmina down to the door. Nadia told us she needed to use the bathroom.

Me and Azmina were all alone except the 2 maids who were cleaning."How about we do this every week, same day and time?" She asks me."Yeah sure, that's good for me." I tell her.

My mom walks into the room. When she saw us, she stepped back in shock.She probably thought that I brought another girl home. I would never date Azmina, even if she is hot for a hijabi."Asalamalakum, I am Zaid's mom and who do you think are you?" she asks Azmina. Yeah, she does think it's another girl.

"Walakumasalam, I am Nadia's friend and I'm here because I was teaching Zaid about Islam." she tells my mom.She looked even more shocked."Jazakallah, I never thought he would actually learn." My mom tells her. She gives me a happy look.She is wrong, I will never learn. "Wa antum fa jazaakum allahu khyran" she tells my mom, while acting shy.

"Would you like to have dinner, we were about to eat?" My mom asks her."Sure but could I use the bathroom?"Azmina asks.

She left to use the bathroom. When Azmina is far enough to not hear us my mom tells me "You better not scare her away. I actually like her." Of course, my mom only liked her because she was religious muslim.

We had dinner and Azmina went home. My mom loves her like her child now. Azmina is literally a twin of Nadia except they don't look alike. There's nothing special to love about Azmina though. She is like every normal person, at least I think.
-----------------------------------------------------------This chapter isn't really good because my first one got deleted. So I had to rewrite it at 12:54 AM. Hope you still like it

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