Chapter 18- He broke me

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Azmina's P.O.V
After school Nadia texted me saying to come to her house because she wanted to talk.  I was outside in a matter of minutes. I was about to press the doorbell but before I could the door opened.

"Allah Hafiz!" Zaid says. He was about to close the door but before he does he sees me. He just stands there and looks at me in shock. "Asalamalakum" I tell him. "Walakumasalam" He replies. "Listen Azmina about last night-" before Zaid could finish, Nadia comes out and stops us from talking. "Why are you two just standing here?"

Zaid just walks away to his car and I walk inside Nadia's house. Once we were in Nadia's room, she closed the door and started talking. "Did Zaid rape you?" she looks at me seriously. "No" I look down at my hands trying to any avoid eye contact with her.

"Please tell me the truth. This is a really serious problem." Nadia says puting her hand on top of mine.

I take a deep breath "He didn't but he almost did." I tell her. She looks away but I still see tears coming out of her eyes. I pull her in a hug. She starts sobbing."I'm sorry Zaid almost ruined your life. That you tried to help him but he didn't care. He loves you and that's the only reason he did it." After she said that sentence, she put her hand to her mouth.

"I wasn't supposed to say that" she whispers.We sit in silence for a minute or two. "I am going home okay? But first, are you okay?" I ask her. "You can go home, you need a bigger cry than me." 

Nadia stayed in her room while I went to put my shoes on. Before I could leave, of course, Zaid opened the door. He looked at me for a few seconds before grabbing my wrist and running upstairs.

When we stopped, we were in his room. I was scared to ask him why he pulled me up here. I am scared it was going to be the business he didn't finish last night.

"Don't worry. I'm not doing that. I just want to talk about Amir." He says. He always talks about Amir. It's starting to get irritating.

He pulled something out of his desk and showed it to me. It was a picture of Amir and a girl kissing. You could see a bit of Amir's face but that was his body. The girl was a hijabi but you could not see her face because of the angle.When I find that girl, I will kill her. Tears started to roll down my eyes. I look at Zaid and say "Are these real?". He just nods his head.

I start sobbing. My first love had failed me. He always said I am beautiful and am worth so much. Why did he lie? I sink to the ground.
Zaid gets down to my level and trys to comfort me. When that failed, he just pulled me in his chest.

After I stopped crying, I pulled away. Zaid just stared at me but then he said something. "I love you" it was no high then a whisper but I could still barely hear it.

Then he realized what he did "I.... I.... didn't-" I cut him off. "I know".

He looked at me and said "Azmina, I have loved you since we met. I have loved you for all this time and with each day it get bigger.  I always want to be here holding in my hands. I want you to be the one I go to Jannah with but it won't happen. You are getting married soon and what we do is not halal. I was mad when I heard you were going to marry Amir but I was also sad because I heard it from him not from you. It's hit me now that you will leave me. How can I live without my jaan, habibi, my everything? Without you being here, I am nothing. There is no point in life if your love as left you for another man."

It was silent after he said that but he started to talk again. "Amir is not what he appears to be. He doesn't love you, he wants your money and nothing else. He even told me."

That news broke my heart even more but I knew what I had to do. "Zaid, I will break my engagement for you. Amir clearly dosen't love me but you do and you have proven it. I want to marry you instead."  he smiles and says I love you. I say it back before getting up and leaving.

I go home and tell my mom I am breaking the engagement. "Why? Amir is a very good man." she tells me. "I found a better one." I tell her. She sighs and says "If that's what you want then fine we will give it to you."

She went and called. When she came back she said "It's final. The engagement is broken but his parents said their family will never talk to a unislamic girl like you"

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