Chapter 35 - Goodbye

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Early update but there will still be a chapter on Thursday. Enjoy :)

Zaid's P.O.V
I come home from work a few hours later. I had forgotten my personal phone, meaning I couldn't call Azmina. I hope she isn't mad.

I walk into the house. Mom and dad went to the doctor for another check up, his leg has been in pain for a few days now.

He's been very sick lately, the doctors say his time is coming. I cry thinking about it. The man who was with me from the start might be gone forever. I shake those thoughts away.

We will all have to go back to Allah. We can't grieve over something that has to happen. I'm sure there are people out there who are crying over a situation worse than mines. I've got to stay happy, at least on the outside.

I walk into our room. It was as clean as before but it felt like something was missing. Azmina must be in the kichten if she's not here.

I changed into a thin, gray shirt and blue sweatpants.I change in the closet, I see that half of Azmina's clothes are gone, I wonder what happened. I'll ask her later.

I run downstairs into the kichten. "Zaid, would you like something?" one of the cooks ask.

"No, just looking for Azmina." I say. "She went outside with a suitcase and duffel bag. She took Sonia with her, She said she was going to Pakistan and that the family knew about it." the cook said.

Of course, how could I be so stupid but wait she never told me she's going to Pakistan. There must be something wrong.

The cook told me which airport, Flight number, and departure time. I grab my keys and run out the door.

I get into my car and start driving. What would make Azmina want to leave? If everything was ok she would tell us she's leaving. Maybe it's an emergency. It can't be because of me cheating on her. I won't let that get in my mind but it's still there.

I know I made a mistake but I can't turn back into the past. If I could, I would do it in a matter of seconds but sadly I can't. I apologized, I don't know what more to do. I don't even think she wants to live with me anymore.

I get into the airport and park my car. Alhumdiallah I bought a private parking spot. I would have to look for hours and I don't have that much time.

I run into the airport, she has one hour until borading time, in shaa allah she's still checking in. I check the flight number and don't see her in the check in line. I decide to buy a ticket, maybe I'll see her inside.

I get the ticket and run inside. I get to the first class terminal and look for Azmina. My heart freezes. She's crying, Sonia is in her arms asleep.

I run up to her and hug her but she pushes me away "Azmina, what's wrong?" I ask sincerely, hoping hurt isn't in my voice.

"You say you love me and then cheat on me AGAIN!" She yells the last word. The ten people in the room look at us and start to whisper. I hear someone whiser "OMA, is that Azmina and Zaid? God, Zaid is so much hotter in real life."

Azmina looks at me and says "Guess there's someone else you can cheat on me with."

"Azmina, what are you talking about? I haven't seen Noorah in a month ever since you woke up from coma and I would never cheat on you again."


What? No, no, it can't be. She must be lying. She's doing this so she can ruin our relationship. That's the only thing that can explain it.

"Azmina, where's the proof it's mine. She could've done it with someone else and just blame it on me. We'll do a DNA check and if it is mines then you are free to have a divorce. That's how sure I am that it's not."

She looks at me and sighs "Zaid, I can't live my life with you anymore. You cheated on me, wasn't going to tell me, and now the Noorah's pregnant. How can I trust you anymore? You broke my heart too many times, I can't do that again. Leaving will break completely break my heart but at least it won't hurt after."

The intercom comes on "First class, please make your way to the boarding area, thank you." She grabs her purse, picks up Sonia and walks away. She turns her head once more "this doesn't have to be a forver goodbye." and with that she boards the plane.

"Wait!" I yell. She turns around. "I'm still Sonia's father, you need to stay."

She looks at me and sheds a tear "You take her, then she won't remind me of you" She hands me Sonia and walks away.

I look at my ticket, I have two choices. Give Azmina her space and let it be or run after her. I decide to give Azmina space. She might have to think about our life together and I still have hope she'll come back but if she doesn't then my life will end here.

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