Chapter 32- A Night Out

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Azmina's outfit above/side ;-)

Amir's P.O.V
What the fridge is this? We never did those type of things. There was a knock on my door, I quickly shut my laptop and open the door.

"I just brought you some tea and cookies, I thought you would be tired from working." Azmina says. I let her in and she places the tray full of tea and cookies on my desk.

After she stays in my room and looks around. "Why doesn't your wife live here?" She asks. I sigh, she doesn't get my struggles but should I tell her them? I decide I should, she does help me a lot.

"Me and my wife don't love each other." I say hesitantly. "Why?" Azmina asks. "Because she is always yelling at me because I was out or because I came home a little late."

Azmina seems in deep thought. "Have you ever shown interest to her?"

"No, I haven't." I say. Azmina says something that opens my eyes."Maybe she wants to love you but you don't pay attention to her, that makes her think that she isn't good enough for you."

I never would have thought of that. Maybe if I show interest she won't be such a nuisance.

"Jazakallah khairan." I say before she leaves but she doesn't seem to hear me.

I open my computer and look at the pictures. I end up calling Omar, since he now owns one of the biggest gossiping magazines and websites.

"Omar, do you know anything about the pictures of me and Azmina?" I ask once he picks up. "I've seen it around the internet. I'll ask my editors and my writers about it. Call you back, Allah Hafiz."

I look deeper into it since I have anything planned until next week.

I find nothing much except the website that first started all this. My phone starts to ring, I check it to see it's Omar.

"The media thinks you and Azmina are together because they somehow got the information that Azmina was in a car crash and was unconscious and the time she left the hospital. The paparazzi saw you open the door for Azmina, that picture was taken less than a hour after she got released. They put all that together and came up with that theory."

"Jazakallah khairan Omar" I say and end the call. I check the time it was 10:39 P.M. I decided to go to sleep and think about this later.

Next day...
Azmina's P.O.V
Amir decided to drop me off at my house. I still feel akward thinking that Zaid is my husband. It just doesn't seem real. It feels like Amir should be my husband.

I dropped Sonia off at the daycare because Zaid said he had something planned for tonight and that I should get ready.

I look at my closet. I pull out a blue galaxy skirt, a white shirt with a melting black heart in the middle, a gray scarf and bag, and black heel boots with gold accents.

I put on some makeup. I mean he did tell me to get ready, right? Right when I'm done Zaid walks into the room with a blue button-down shirt and black dress pants. Can I say he looks really good? He stares at me for a few seconds before saying "Mash'allah you look stunning. Are you ready? Let's go."

I put on my heels and walk to where he is. He takes my hand and we walk downstairs. I had butterflies in my stomach. Funny to think we were married before but this is the first time I felt like this with him, at least from what I remember.

We go outside and into his car. Once we are in the car he puts a blindfold on my eyes. "Why are you blindfolding me?" I ask. "Because I don't want you to see the suprise I have" he says and starts the car.

It's been about 20 minutes before he turns off the car. He gets out and opens my door. He takes my hand and guides me. I feel an uneven surface on my feet, I wonder where he beought me.

We stop and he lets go of my hand "Are you ready for my surprise?" He asks. I nod and he takes off my blindfold. I gasp, We were in the woods, though it didn't seem like it since there was a big clearing without trees. In that clearing was a table with two chairs, to the left was a small orchestra, they started to play music, which made the environment clam and peaceful.

Zaid took my hand and led my to the table. Once we both sat down he asked "So, Do you like it?"

I looked at everything once more "like it? I absolutely love it!" I get out of my seat to give him a hug.

We start to eat and talk. He told me things about our past. I didn't remember a single thing but some were coming back once he told me them. Before we knew it, we were done with our meal.

Zaid would keep checking his watch, every two seconds. "Why are you always checking your watch?" I ask. "You'll see, just wait two minutes."

Two minutes later, Zaid points at the sky. It was evening time, so the Sun was setting. The scene was breathtaking. The sky had hues of purple, yellow, orange, pink, and gold. I take out my camera and take a picture.

"How about we take some pictures?" He says with a mischievous smirk. I giggle before nodding yes. We take some selfies. For a few, he made me sit on his lap and for the last few he kissed my cheek. After, he takes my hand and leads me to the car and again puts a blindfold on my eyes.

"Where to now?" I ask, to excited to wait. "Just wait and see." Zaid replys. Once we reach the destination, he takes my hand and leads me again. He opens a door this time. I feel the hard tiles on my feet as I walk.

He takes off my blindfold. In front of me is a ballroom. There is a bigger orchestra in the corner. Zaid takes my hand and leads me to the middle. "You will love this since it's your favorite song." He whispers in my ear.

Then a familiar tune starts to play, I recognize it instantly. It's "A Whole New World" from the movie Aladdin, One of my top five disney movies. How did he know?

We start to rock back and forth. At first it seemed a bit werid but after a little time I was used to it. I lay my head on his shoulder, even with heels I was shorter than him.

The rest were also my favorite disney songs, they even went by the exact number I rated them.

I don't know how long we danced for but I start to yawn. I didn't want this day to end but it was getting very late. "Let's go home." I tell Zaid.

We get into the car and I think about today. It was magical, spectacular, and just amazing. Words could not explain my feelings. Maybe I did love him and maybe, just maybe, I am falling in love with him again.

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